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Jews and Anti-Semitism

Note: The far right/far left scale doesn’t strictly apply here, since many right-wingers today are ardent supporters of Israel, while most leftists seem to be critical of that nation. But the identification of Jews with liberal causes persists, and anti-Semites still tend to reflect traditional right-wing biases. So here goes…

Righty: I’m not endorsing anti-Semitism (some of my best friends are… well, you know). But to some extent the Jews bring it on themselves. Let’s start with their religion, which treats non-Jews as “unclean” creatures to be regarded with contempt. (Why is it that we never hear the term anti-Gentilism?) The Jews crucified Christ, of course… then they spread through Europe and became notorious money-lenders. Jews and money: everywhere they move, they seem to take over and pile it up. They’re opportunistic and ruthless in their pursuit of success. They’re hypersensitive, too. You can’t criticize Israel without being tagged as an anti-Semite. In fact, you really can’t say anything about God’s chosen people, bad or good, without being smeared for it. That’s because they own the media and totally dominate our culture. Look at how they tried to stop Mel Gibson from releasing The Passion of the Christ. (Big surprise that he was later caught ranting about the Jews! I would have ranted, too, if they had put me through the wringer like that.) Let’s face it: Jews are malcontents and agitators by nature. They’ve been at the forefront of nearly every movement that set out to subvert traditional values: Communism, socialism, psychiatry, modernism, commercial pop culture, the radical student rebellion of the 1960s, the women’s movement. Their agitation toppled the Protestant old guard from power and left us with the moral chaos we see around us today. Now that the Jews are in control, it’s interesting that many of these former left-wing radicals have been drifting toward the right. (You didn’t hear a lot of Jews criticizing the war in Iraq.) And still, with all the power they’ve accumulated, they never get tired of shoving the Holocaust in our collective face — as if today’s super-affluent Jews were still victims, and as if the rest of us were to blame. Is it any wonder that the Jews are so widely disliked? Not that I dislike them, mind you. I think they’re smart and funny. That Adam Sandler really cracks me up.

Lefty: After having been forced out of their ancestral homeland, the Jewish people spent the next nineteen centuries struggling to preserve their religion (and themselves) in alien lands, amid savage and relentless persecutions. If they became money-lenders, guess what: it might have had something to do with the fact that they were routinely barred from all other professions! From the tortures, massacres and expulsions of medieval Europe to the horror of the Holocaust, so-called Christians have gone out of their way to make life miserable for Jews. Why? What have the Jews done to merit their eternal status as scapegoats and victims? Simply for preserving their heritage in the midst of ignorance and hatred? Jews have been among the best and most patriotic citizens everywhere they’ve settled: consistently productive, enterprising, educated, progressive and humane. And they’ve been rewarded with pogroms and death camps. Never again! Jews must mobilize and trust no one. They must gain control over what others say about them. Anyone who dares criticize the Jewish community or Jewish interests is an anti-Semite and must be brought down. And watch out for anti-Semites in sheep’s clothing: those who praise the Jews or seem overly knowledgeable about Jewish history and affairs should be monitored as closely as outspoken anti-Semites. Any Gentile who singles out the Jews for any reason generally has an ulterior motive. As for those crazy Muslims, don’t ask!

The New Moderate:

I’m probably heading into swampy ground here, but we desperately need an outspoken moderate perspective on this perennial hot-button issue. I’ll attempt to demystify both the Jews and anti-Semitism in a handful of paragraphs — no small challenge — and I hope my Jewish friends will indulge me if they spot some overripe generalizations.

Where to begin? Christians have accused the Jews of everything from killing Christ (Did it ever occur to those Christians that Jesus, all twelve disciples and even the Virgin Mary were also Jewish? This was Judea, folks!) to using the blood of Christian babies in their rituals. But the persistence of anti-Semitism goes beyond religious animosity. For centuries the Jews kept themselves apart (not entirely by their own choice, of course) within the countries they settled. They were a small but visible community of people who were different. More literate. Generally a bit more astute. Less inclined to work with their hands. More inclined to succeed despite the prevailing prejudice against them.

You might say that Jews have been saddled with the mostly thankless role of smartest kid in the class. This issue is supercharged with such unseemly implications that it has achieved the status of a taboo. (Of course, I believe in exposing all taboo subjects to the fresh air of examination.) We know that Jewish parents tend to encourage learning and achievement. But are Jews actually more intelligent than the rest of us? Here’s another question: do women live longer than men? In both cases, the answer is yes and no. Yes, women outlive men on average, but plenty of men live longer than plenty of women. You can extend the analogy to Jewish intelligence. The median I.Q. for Jews of European origin has been measured at approximately 12 to 15 points above the median for the general population. Part of that difference is undoubtedly due to nurture. And the two bell curves overlap significantly: there are numerous Jewish dullards and Gentile geniuses. In short, you simply can’t justify a blanket statement like “Jews are smarter.” On average, yes. But Jewishness doesn’t automatically confer intelligence. Individuals will always be individuals.

How to account for the extremely visible success of the Jewish community? (Here’s another taboo subject: let’s open another window!) It isn’t simply a matter of lavish I.Q.s or Harvard diplomas. Jewish achievers typically embody a rare combination of abstract intelligence and practical intelligence, creative passion and precision, openness to learning and opportunities, networking smarts, indefatigable drive and assertiveness (Righty nods smugly here while Lefty shakes his head), solid family values, and relative freedom from sloppy goyish vices like drinking, drugs, daydreaming and debauchery. Anyone who competes with a Jewish achiever is essentially running up against a perfect storm of success traits.

Naturally, many Jews succeed beyond the wildest dreams of their Gentile brethren. At least as many don’t, but it’s the successful ones who grab our attention and incite so many of us to envy. The Jews routinely beat us on our own turf, we moan, so there must be a secret to their success. (If anyone had the chutzpah to publish a book called Jewish Success Secrets, you can bet it would be a runaway bestseller.) We say, “Look at their dominance in Hollywood, the media, the arts, finance, medicine, the academic world! The Jews have it all sewn up!”

You don’t have to be an anti-Semite to see why some people feel threatened by the Jews. Not only have their Hebrew ancestors bequeathed them the awesome sobriquet “God’s chosen people” (scary enough in its own right)… not only do they appear to be unreasonably smart and successful… but many of them also (as Righty observed, in less than civil terms) seem to enjoy making waves as agents of social and cultural change. You can see how paranoid visions of Jewish cabals might swirl in the minds of thwarted Gentiles. Surely those clever Jews must collaborate, collude and even conspire among themselves to beat the goyim. Afraid not, Righty. Their accomplishments appear to be perfectly legitimate.

Jews account for less than 3% of the U.S. population but approximately 60% of its public intellectuals. Righty would look at this statistic and rant about “disproportionate” Jewish cultural influence. But we’re actually looking at an extraordinary collection of individual accomplishments. The truth is that there’s no such sociopolitical entity as “the Jews.” They’re not some monolithic cultural force with a unified agenda; Jews are individuals with a profusion of individual goals and beliefs. Some of the most ardent capitalists, communists, socialists, liberals, conservatives and libertarians have been Jewish, so how can “they” possibly be collaborating on plans for a world takeover? How could any group so diverse decide on an agenda (other than sheer self-preservation) without resorting to fisticuffs?

Why have Jews traditionally been so active in radical political and cultural movements? Just look at their history as perennial outsiders, noses pressed against the window of a posh club that repeatedly turned them away at the door. They had to fight their way past prejudice and persecution to secure a table in that club, and along the way they acquired a pervasive sympathy for all who shared their plight. You can’t blame them for having wanted to shake up the system. (We New Moderates want to shake it up, too, in our own way.)

What can Jews do to disarm their anti-Semitic neighbors? First, be open to freer discussions of Jewish topics, without suspicion or rancor. You can’t afford to let anti-Jewish sentiments fester in secrecy until they ripen and burst. Resist the temptation to extract blubbering public apologies from every cranky Gentile celebrity who has something to say about you; to do so only reinforces the damaging stereotype of excessive Jewish power. (Humorous retorts are more effective, anyway; Time’s Joel Stein wrote a gem of a response to Mel Gibson’s infamous drunken rant.) Use the career-destroying term “anti-Semite” more judiciously (Are you listening, Abe Foxman?): reserve it for active Jew-haters, not for fair-minded people who knock Israeli policies or observe the simple realities of Jewish cultural prominence. Keep in mind that those who label you as brainy and successful aren’t necessarily anti-Semites; they might actually be paying you a sincere (if hackneyed) compliment.

Future historians will probably regard our era as a Jewish renaissance; we can’t be expected to whistle and look the other way while we’re living through it. Jews should be proud of their achievers, not disguise them as the children of “Polish” or “Russian” or “Lithuanian” immigrants. (That unofficial but widely observed rule, seen so often in biographical profiles, has always baffled me.) In a New Moderate utopia, Gentiles would be able to note the Jewishness of those achievers without being accused of anti-Semitism — or succumbing to it.

As for the 24-karat anti-Semites out there, how about calling a permanent moratorium on blaming the Jews for your frustrations? You’re disgracing the rest of us. The Jewish community abounds with both greatness and goodness as well as ordinary human foibles. Remember that Jesus was Jewish (at least on his mother’s side). Don’t hold rank-and-file Jews accountable for the often sanctimonious utterances of Jewish leaders; the latter don’t always speak for the former. Get your own house in order, and try to imagine what it feels like to have been the world’s favorite scapegoat for 2000 years. “Those Jews” don’t have it nearly as easy as you think.

The New Moderate hopes that the rise of Asians in American society will divert some of the attention from the Jews, if only to show us that no group holds a monopoly on brains or achievement. (Of course, I’d like to see blacks, Hispanics, Poles, Ukrainians and rednecks succeed, too.) Then, finally, the Jewish community might be able to breathe a well-deserved sigh of relief… at least in the United States.

Summary: Let’s break a taboo: yes, Jews are, on average, smarter and more successful than non-Jews; no, they’re not some monolithic bloc intent on taking over the world. They’re individuals. We’ve behaved abominably toward Jews in the past. Today, Jews and Gentiles both need to exercise a little more tolerance.

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  1. Taliesin Knol permalink
    January 6, 2010 11:23 am

    Hard facts time; by attempting to preserve their culture, in particular their religion, Jews set themselves apart from the rest of society, and the nail that sticks up, gets hammered down. Not that they don’t have a right to their own culture, and should be persecuted, that shows a grave error an the other side. Jews constantly find themselves targets in the lands where they are the minority, (IE everywhere)Jewish society fosters education and intelligence, which makes the natives feel inferior. Poor, stupid, very religous dark age Europeans, poor stupid very religous muslims in their modern day dark age, all feel threatened by outsiders that do much better than them, and rather than trying to adapt and incerease their own intelligence, they respond out of ingnorance, with hate and envy. It doesn’t help that strict jews seem to consider themselves superior, (even though they may be…)modesty is a survival trait Judaism forgot. Although if my tiny country consistenly beat the living hell out of my backwards, fundamentalist neighbors, I’d gloat too, from a bunker…

    • January 8, 2010 7:33 pm

      TK: All too true. Good observations on a semi-taboo subject.

    • Everett Williams permalink
      April 10, 2012 7:01 am

      Seems you have Real Problem with Gentiles, which tells me you are no better than a anti-smite. As you speak I can clearly tell you are a superior JEW, which is SELF DELUSIONAL PRIDE in ones self. Grow-up you sound as if you could also be a Negro (my race) with that ever present “”CHIP”” on the shoulder.

      • April 10, 2012 12:04 pm

        Everett: Well, I don’t know about TK (the commentator whose comment your comment was posted under), but I’m definitely a Gentile, and not a self-hating Gentile, either. You almost sound as if any self-respecting Gentile should be a Jew-hater. Sorry if I’m not.

        I don’t think any group should be above criticism but I don’t think we should go around spouting hatred toward groups, either. After all, groups are made up of individuals. There will always be bad apples in any group, but most of the individual Jews I’ve known are good, decent, kind-hearted people (aside from being smart and funny).

    • July 9, 2012 7:32 pm

      Sure,Jews are smart, funny, wise and the most brutal liars, and plotters (U.S.S. LIBERTY)
      Nice little taste from our “Friends?” Did you see the JEWISH soldiers kill the WHOLE palastenian family?, no? watch it. also, there are many more. Jews are not the world answer to decent living. Some ‘jews’, ok, no problem. But, The FED Reserve, The Media ,(News), etc.
      Things start to look different now don’t they? The Chosen?, I think not. All jews are not bad,. Just the “KEY” ones, also our congress they paid for. Sen. Levine, look him up, then anyone can respond.I do not break internet hate laws or such, so I’m not too worried.

    • Uncle Bill permalink
      November 13, 2013 3:52 pm

      If you are a marginalized minority there is little second guessing yourself when taking advantage of people from the majority culture. If you are encouraged to believe that you are a superior race you come to believe that you should take advantage of and use people from the majority culture you view your obtaining of wealth and power at the expense of others as natural. If you are indoctrinated by your chosen dogma to believe that your ilk is chosen by god above all others to succeed and dominate you feel that you must control and use other people of the majority culture. If you are constantly reminded of real and contrived hardships visited upon your people by the majority culture you have a reactionary tendency to try to dominate, use and control those other people thereby visiting your revenge upon them and if your religion promotes revenge as being of paramount value you will be driven to take advantage of , by any means available, members of the majority society to secure your own power and control over them.
      There has been much written recently about the domination of sociopaths in the business world. Their success has less to do with intelligence than with a selfish drive to succeed without regard to the feelings and needs of others.
      Studies of genetics indicate that sephardic and ashkenazi jews are not particularly similar. The Sephardic Jews of Israel have more in common with the Palestinians, genetically, than they have in common with the Ashkenazi from Eastern Europe who may have no progenitors at all from the Middle East. Yet their predisposition for acquisition, education and revenge is fairly consistent.
      Like the sociopaths success in business, jews success is a matter of attitude and not intelligence. The derivation of that attitude is immaterial, the result is equally inequitable.

      • Monty Ehrich permalink
        June 21, 2014 1:18 am

        Nixon: “I can never say it, but I believe it.”

    • Robert permalink
      February 18, 2015 2:14 am

      First off them fake Jews are German European people the African American people are the real Hebrew people from the bible we have Biblical scientific and DNA to prove that they control society so they say European people are Jews Christ was a black man named Yashayah not a white man not an olive man either do the research of the real Hebrews.

      • February 18, 2015 1:06 pm

        You’re reciting baseless myths, I’m afraid. First of all, African Americans came here from the west coast of Africa, across the Sahara (and a few thousand miles) from Palestine. Second, how do you explain that Middle Easterners are olive skinned, not black? Third, the Jews of Europe preserved their ancient language and religion during 1900 years of exile, and you can see traces of their Middle Eastern origins in many of their faces even today. Fourth, Jews had a long tradition of literacy; they were “the people of the book.” By contrast, nearly all traditional African culture is oral, not written.

  2. Taliesin Knol permalink
    January 12, 2010 4:14 pm

    I was just thinking about some of the reasons people might be anti-semetic, and I remembered something. Remember those Rabbis caught selling human organs? That’s gonna come back to haunt them…

    • January 12, 2010 9:34 pm

      Ehh, that was a small-scale offense that doesn’t reflect on the Jewish clergy as a whole. I think the pedophile scandal among Catholic priests was a lot more damaging because it was so widespread.

      • mplo permalink
        May 13, 2013 8:48 am

        Well said, Rick Bayan! Thanks.

      • Uncle Bill permalink
        November 13, 2013 5:27 pm

        No, that was only a small part of a huge scandal involving pedophilia (multiple cases), organ trafficking and money laundering and while I’ll not defend the perversion in the Catholic church I’m not sure that proportionately Judaism comes off much better.

  3. valdobiade permalink
    January 12, 2010 7:27 pm

    “Jew” is a religion not a culture. Maybe a country can consider religion as an aspect of their culture, but not Jews. Jews are ethno-religious, you are indoctrinated from birth to be Jew. If you want to get “out” of this, it’s your choice. But better stay “in”, for the Jews know that if they control a country’ culture and finance, you have all the advantages.

    “Birthers” are ignorant, they think that if you’re being born in the US, you are privileged person. Jews have only one country – Earth, and one religion, Judaism. Their ethno-religious thinking, make them able to know what and where to control.

    But what do I know? I am a jealous idiot – let’s persecute the smarter-than-me.

  4. January 12, 2010 9:54 pm

    Valdo: I know that Jews typically describe themselves as a religion rather than an ethnic group. But then how do you categorize the large numbers of secular and atheist Jews? Carl Reiner is an atheist, for example, but there’s no way he’s a “goy.” It’s probably safe to say that anyone whose ancestors spoke Yiddish or Hebrew is a Jew. Plus, there was a distinctive Yiddish culture in Eastern Europe that was only marginally related to religion.

    Also, I know it’s tempting to believe that the Jews have consciously infiltrated the media and finance so they can gain control over their “host” societies. It sure seems that way sometimes. But I’m not convinced. Jews are also prominent in psychiatry, medicine, science, mathematics and chess — fields that don’t really wield significant social or cultural clout but simply require a good dollop of brainpower. I think their superior IQs, in combination with all the success traits I enumerated above, help propel them naturally toward the top of society.

    • Anonymous permalink
      January 13, 2010 12:39 am

      I think strict Jews consider themselves an (superior) ethnicity, and they trace “Jewish Ancestry” along the bloodlines of the mother. (You’re only a “real” Jew if your mother was)
      Think about the differences between Arab, and muslim. They can mean different things, but also the same thing.

      • January 13, 2010 1:10 pm

        That’s right — the Jewish notion of Jewishness includes that maternal clause, so clearly they consider themselves as something more than a religion. I think they try to downplay Jewishness as an ethnicity (at least to outsiders) because it still carries a haunting whiff of Nazi racial dogma. That’s probably why you see so many Jewish celebrities described as “the child of Lithuanian [or Polish, or Russian] immigrants.”

        The Arab-Muslim parallel isn’t exactly parallel, because numerous ethnic groups are Muslim (Arabs, Turks, Persians, Indonesians, etc.), but only the Jews (with the exception of a few converts) are Jewish.

    • mplo permalink
      May 13, 2013 8:51 am

      As a woman in her early 60’s who was brought up in a very secular (non-religious) Jewish household, I’ve observed that not all jews describe themselves as religious. As for myself, however, I’m assimilated enough so that I’m not into the religious aspect, and yet I’m still aware of Jewish history, if one gets the drift.

  5. valdobiade permalink
    January 13, 2010 9:29 pm

    I have a lot of difficulties understanding the practice of putting 2 words together to describe something.
    The difficulty is not in understanding the explanation of “why” there is one word that is formed by two words that actually have no sense being together.
    Let me give some examples:

    – Judeo-Christian – I know that it comes to explain some roots, but it is ridiculous. Are there “Budhisto-Christian”, “Muslimo-Christian”, or “Christiano-Christian”?
    For me Jews are a religion and Christian another religion. I know Jews who want to accept Jesus through some kind of Messianic thingy – (but the name of Jesus would be actually Joshua or something like that).
    Now, in the cultural perspective, what is the result? A new Jew culture or a new Christian culture? Are Jews, in that situation becoming more dumber for not being “pure” Jews? Children born in those families will be Jews or Christian?

    Now, you say something about Jews being atheists… Why don’t we invent a word for that like: “according to the Judeo-Atheistic culture, we are taking control of the culture and finances of one country, however that will not stop us to put our money on our Jews kids to be more prominent in psychiatry, medicine, science, mathematics and chess and kick the natives out in the cold for they spend money on beer”

    • January 29, 2010 1:04 am

      Judeo-Christian is a reference to the shared origins of the two religions. (shared Old Testament) You don’t have Judeo-Islamic because, while still sharing some origins, (Abraham) Islam isn’t just a division of Judaism, (sibling) it’s an entirely different religion that just happens to share some origins. (cousins)

      • tony permalink
        January 13, 2013 3:22 pm

        And “Judeo-Christian” is another completely fraudulent term used by propagandists designed to create the illusion that somehow Jews should also want to have Christian fundamentalism rule America.

        The Jews REJECTED Jesus (and Christianity as a cult)…and Jesus most certainly rejected Judaism by claiming to fulfill the prophesies and ENDING it.

        On a more basic point…How can there even be a discussion of “Jews” with never a clear definition of what a Jew is? Is a Jew a person who believes in the Jewish philosophy as written in their texts as a Christian is someone that believes the Bible in its presentation that Jesus was in fact the Messiah?

        Or is “Jewishness” a race…even though believers in Judaism come from fifty different races? Who exactly propounded that conflict of terms to deliberately confuse the issue to make a philosophy into a race that could be used to call others “anti-Semites” when their political crimes were exposed???

    • Uncle Bill permalink
      November 13, 2013 4:07 pm

      Judeo-Christian is a politically contrived precept. The Christians claim that any differences between the old and new testaments. are corrections of the old testament while the jews basically regard the new testament as irrelevant.
      The concept of “an eye for an eye” is antithetical to turning the other cheek.

  6. January 29, 2010 10:36 am

    Good explanation, TK. I was wondering myself why we don’t speak of a “Judeo-Islamic” tradition. Instead, we refer to Judaism, Christianity and Islam as the three “Abrahamic” religions.

  7. Anonymous permalink
    January 29, 2010 5:07 pm

    TK: Beautiful, just… beautiful! I just mentioned that the term “Juedo-Christian” was invented to explain some kind of roots between the two religions. (You call them “origins”, I call them “roots”). For other “compound” term you made a good point however.

    But if you are a Christian, not knowing from where your religion “pop-ed up”, then you are an ignorant Christian. Therefore the term was invented for ignorant people to have shoved it in their eyes the obvious, or was invented for a propagandist reasons: let’s be friends with Jews even if they killed Jesus (it’s a prophecy to kill Jesus), or “hey, Christianism is true, it comes form such an old religion”.

    If you read from a letter that I got from a French-Jew
    (btw, is this a correct term? What’s the use of using country name before “Jew”? Just to show that you’re not exactly “melt-potted” in that country?),
    it may make you think that Jews actually had in mind to invent such a “compound” term. It was “prophetical”.

    Below is the original in French and the English translation is: “Ismael and Isaac are both the sons of Abraham, but Isaac is the son of Promise. Isaac was born from Hagar, servant of Sarah, because the couple became too old and they could not believe they will give the Promise.
    (Then the BS that they laughed when the angels told that they will have a son {of Promise} – as if you got to laugh when you know that you have such a powerful God.)

    Of course, as Louis Black said: “The Jew are very good at making stories”. And boy, is Louis Black a nice Jew!)

    Ismaël et Isaac sont tous deux fils d’Abraham, mais Isaac est le fils de la promesse. Isaac est né de Hagar, la servante de Sarah, parce que le couple devenu très âgé n’a plus cru en la promesse. Lorsque les anges sont venus annoncer qu’ils allaient encore avoir un fils, ils se sont mis à rire (il y avait de quoi !!).

    Now, in conclusion, “Judeo-Christian” term was invented by a Jew for gullible Christians, they believe anything 🙂
    And it is just the most BSiting term ever because any… ignorant Christian knows that their god is a Jew god.

    • January 29, 2010 11:56 pm

      Are there non-gullible Christians? I can’t find any…(:

  8. Mogen David permalink
    January 20, 2011 1:47 pm

    This article is the TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH! Virtually nothing has been left out. Henry Ford in 1921 published much the same in his Dearborn, Michigan newspaper, The Dearborn Independent, and later in his book, The International Jew.

  9. valdobiade permalink
    January 20, 2011 3:40 pm

    Magen David wrote:

    That goes without saying. But also remember this: your ancestors put up with the antics of countless generations of schlimazels to get where you are today. It wasn’t always easy or fun, but that’s what it means to be a Jew.

    *Congregation bursts into applause. Yarmulkes are thrown into the air. *

  10. Doug permalink
    July 4, 2011 12:26 pm

    Wow. I really appreciate your attempt to tackle a tough issue here Rick. As I began to read your description of the righty and lefty views I was convinced you had them reversed by accident.

    I must be missing something but I must make two points:

    1) True Chistians stand with Isreal. It is very clear in the Bible that they are to do so.

    2) Take the time to do a little research on both sides of the Free Gaza/ Flotilla I and Flotilla II movements. Look at the list of organizers. Please.

    These are the biggest collection af radical leftists on the planet. And their stated purpose, to deliver much needed supplies to the Hamas governed Palestinians is a farce. Ayers, Dohrn, Code Pink, on and on. My daughter has a good friend on the American ship who wants to help but she has no idea who she is standing with. Well intentioned good hearted young lady. Sad.

    Why is this a farce? Because they won’t let Israel inspect, remove if necessary, anything that might be used to kill them down the road (yes, including materials that could also be used for good but check the record) and deliver the supplies for them. I believe them. That’s an observed opinion of course but they have made repeated offers over the past two flotillas and after being snubbed made pleas to them and the governments of originating ships to turn them back while helping them deliver the goods.

    That’s not good enough. You see, it’s not about the goods. It’s about the blokade. Ramming through the blockade. Gaining more world hatred toward the Jewish people.

    Last year they ended upwith egg on their faces when their successful attempt get Israel to stop them with force worked. The problem? The video, which doesn’t lie, clearly showed the Israelis being beaten and stabbed as they boarded the ship. Not in self defense, as the aggressors themselves hoping to provoke an even stronger retaliation that they could show the world. One small problem. The first aggression was the attempted blokade breakthrough, the first retaliation was the Israelis boarding one of the ships, the next was the knives and metal pipes used by the flotilla crew and eventually and sadly, the Israelis shot and killed some and many on both sides were wounded. Round two is about to happen…unfortunately.

    • July 4, 2011 5:55 pm

      Doug: Thanks for your perceptive analysis of the Gaza issue. I hadn’t realized the flotilla people were such radicals. (I guess it’s easy to push an agenda in the name of “humanitarian aid.”)

      As for right-wing vs. liberal attitudes toward Jews, I know they’ve nearly been turned upside down by their contradictory attitudes toward Israel. We have liberals who love the Jews and knock Israel, along with religious conservatives who defend Israel but criticize Jews for being too aggressive or radical. My note at the beginning of the discussion touches briefly on this paradox.

      • Doug permalink
        July 4, 2011 9:40 pm

        Rick, one clarification I want to reiterate is that there are likely, in pure numbers, more well intentioned but misled and/or uniformed than those with the real agenda.

        Unfortunately, like Egypt and like so many Obama 12′ voters (the 08′ cannot be blamed, it sounded pretty good but was a smoke screen and he was a nobody and a fantastic showman) there is always a “good cause” that is “run out there” to attract the many good hearted, which gives the bad guys the power they desire.

        They repackage and rebrand over and over to gain money and power. The best example is in politics of course. Michelle Bachman was blackballed when the Republicans first regained a majority in the house. Why? Because she threatened the stutus quo of both parties, in this case McConnel, you can actually see him twitch when first addressing the “no pork on any bill” idea. I was enlightened when I saw that. Why?

        It was their turn, that’s why. It was finally the old timer Reps that were aghast that perhaps they could not grease their favorite voting blocs as the dems have done, all at well hidden in miles of pages of gunked up bills, to their buddies, like the dems have done setting new world records, through the 2,200 page HC bill and the “stimulus bill” that only stimulated their friend while the other half of it (remember this had to get passed now to save the world) is unaccounted for and likely on ice waiting for the greasing to come in the stretch run to the 2012 election.

        Have you ever wondered how a complexity like the healthcare bill could have been written, vetted and passed before the President ever took office and without the entire other party having one word of input?

        Amazing isn’t it?

        You would think that that kind of monstrisity would have had to have been started a year or two prior at least.

        I wish I was smarter. I would probably understand this stuff better.

        I think I’d better stick to more substantive issues like ” Why is Chris Chistie so fat?” as some bloggers seem to have such depth for.

  11. Doug permalink
    July 4, 2011 12:40 pm


    Can you name ANY religion who has numerous countries and other religious sects saying things officially like “we do not recognize their right to live” , “we won’t rest until they are wiped off the face of the earth” and “we do not recognize their statehood”?


    Have you ever heard the Jewish people say that about Muslims?

    The is a very distant and clear difference here.

    Yes, I read the rhetoric both ways on atrocities back and forth about oppression of the Palestinians and the never ending lobbing of shells and missiles into Israel and the truth lies somewhere in between as always. This has been on for centuries.

    What is not to get about who want to kill who here? Read their own words. They are telling you exactly what they believe. When I say “they” I don’t mean the peace loving but the professed.

    Thank you for all of your hard work in providing this forum for all of us. It must be thankless sometimes but I want you to know that I appreciate it. Debate and diversity of opinion is important.

    And the truth shall set us free, but it will make us very uncomfortable first.

  12. July 4, 2011 6:05 pm

    Doug: Thanks for the appreciative comments. (See, it’s not an entirely thankless job.)

    As for the Israelis vs. their Arab neighbors, it’s pretty clear that the latter would (mostly) like to eliminate the former, while the former simply want to live in peace. Of course, you’d have to go back to the formation of Israel on previously Arab territory to unearth the depth of that animosity… not that it’s still justified today.

    One issue that’s been bugging me for years: There’s really no such nationality as “Palestinian”… these are simply Arabs who lived in the state of Palestine that was carved out of the old Ottoman Empire after WWI. Yes, they have a right to live in their ancestral land… no, it’s not as if the creation of Israel eliminated an ancient state. Palestine was only 30 years old at the time. The residents could choose to remain there or make a new home in other Arab nations.

    Well, this discussion probably belongs under “Israel.”

  13. Anonymous permalink
    August 5, 2011 5:09 pm

    The Palestinians could care less about the land when it was desert. Once the Israeli’s piped in water and grew crops in this wasteland, the Palestinians wanted it.

    • Uncle Bill permalink
      November 14, 2013 1:44 pm

      Nonsense. Look at a map of Palestine circa 1930. You will see a country with borders, towns, cities and roads. So you’re either ignorant or a liar.

  14. dukejoey permalink
    August 18, 2011 3:41 pm

    Regarding the term “Judeo-Christian”: TK was correct in pointing to “shared origins,” but the hyphen between Judeo and Christian came to be and makes sense today because the earliest Christians purposely sandwiched the Jewish Heritage with their upstart Christian movement, and that is because they were Jews recruiting other Jews.

    It wouldn’t have gone over very well if those earliest Christians had bashed the beloved Scriptures of their friends, parents, neighbors, and other Jews they were trying to recruit. So, instead, according to Christians, the Jewish Scriptures became the old deal with God (Old Testament with Yahweh) and Christianity was the new deal with God (via Jesus). Furthermore, it’s important to remember that Christians don’t just “acknowledge” the Old Testament—they have examined every word of it through the centuries and continue to study it as a very integral part of the Christian Bible/Christian Truth.

    And so “Judeo-Christian” is much more than common ancestors or a merging in the past. Christianity was set up from the beginning as an outrowth of Judaism and then preserved that way to the present. And so, also, the term “Judeo-Christian” does not exist because of anything conspiratorial by the Jewish Faithful or because of anything gullible by Christians. I think I’ve just spent a considerable amount of time defending that particular hyphen, that little bitty horizontal line (ha ha, I’d better get back to my day job…!)

  15. dukejoey permalink
    August 18, 2011 6:14 pm

    P.S. question about protocol here: Should I have posted my comment further up the thread, i.e. by clicking “REPLY” where “Judeo-Christian” was the topic detail at the time, or fine to post at the end, “chronologically,” i.e. at the place the discussion had come to by the time I logged on?

  16. Doug permalink
    August 18, 2011 8:14 pm

    And the plot thickens…

  17. August 29, 2011 12:05 pm

    Rick Bayan is a shameless talking point puppet who uses the most odious of Zionist logic and “rhetoric” whenever possible.

    First, he typically downplays the offenses of organ traffickers because they are well, you know, Rabbis, and then introduces a completely unrelated topic to distract and direct the conversation elsewhere.

    In his mind, undoubtedly, all Jewish offenses, no matter how disgusting, can be explained away as “minor offenses” while other offenses, by any other group, are more significant.

    Second, Rick, it doesn’t matter whether the self-interest are “convinced” of anything having to do with their group interests.

    The conversation is not with Zionists or Jews as to whether they control anything. They will argue to the end that they are “unconvinced”. It is in their self interest to do so. It is hilarious that you think that your opinion matters in this conversation. The only opinions that matter are those of non-Jews and non-Zionists as to whether they are under the thumb of Jews or Zionists.

    Third, I just love tearing apart fallacious or incomplete logic. It’s literally my forte and at the same time it’s frustrating to think that supposedly smart people believe that such logic passes muster to the point that they express it in public. It leaves me to believe that you think that other people are just extremely stupid, which means that you are being insulting and manipulative, or your a complete moron. Take your pick. Case in point, your quote:

    “Also, I know it’s tempting to believe that the Jews have consciously infiltrated the media and finance so they can gain control over their “host” societies. It sure seems that way sometimes. But I’m not convinced. Jews are also prominent in psychiatry, medicine, science, mathematics and chess — fields that don’t really wield significant social or cultural clout but simply require a good dollop of brainpower. I think their superior IQs, in combination with all the success traits I enumerated above, help propel them naturally toward the top of society.”

    Let’s take this apart. According to you, Jews have superior IQs and they are at the top of the professions in large numbers due to their superior IQs. First, I must point out that you just conceded that there are differences in average IQ that can be quantified by race. I agree, but the official Jewish multicultural party line would be shocked at this concession. Watch yourself, lest you go too much against the fallacy of multiculturalism that Jews hoist upon everyone else for their self interest. The IQ question is the key argument that can bring the multicultural house of cards crashing down. Unfortunately, there is a half a century of studies behind these racial group IQ measurements. Although, IQ differentials do not give moral justification for oppression of one group by another. But I digress.

    Supposedly, Ashkenazim have an average IQ of around 110. On par with North Asians. European whites have an average IQ of around 100, but vary up or down 5 points according to the specific nation. I will stop there because no we are dealing with the majority racial group int he USA and the Ashkenazim. It must be noted that there are further variation in intelligence types that can be lower or higher against the one-dimensional difference in the “IQ” number. This is significant int terms of how intelligence is expressed. For instance, spatial, verbal, and mathematical differences in IQ will lead to different expressions of intelligence. It is rare that someone is extremely well rounded in all of these categories.

    The incompleteness in your logic comes with the fact that there exists a statistical standard deviation in any group. There are lots of white gentiles with intelligences at 110 and way above. Just like there are lots of Ashkenazim with IQs below 110. The group average remains, but the so does the standard deviation above and below the average for the group. Where your logic, and justification for average IQ being justification for Jewish dominance, fails is that there are currently 223,553,265 white people in the USA. There are a total of, as of the 2010 census, 6,544,000 people in the USA who classify themselves as Jewish. For the sake of simplicity, I will assume that these are 100% white Ashkenazim. That assumption helps your statistical argument, anyhow. So, that that leaves approximately 217,000,000 gentile whites in proportion to the 6.5 million Ashkenazim Jews.

    When standard deviation numbers for the IQ distribution are taken into account, the gentile white population in the USA would have many more people with a, IQ of 110 or higher than would the Jewish population.

    Now, let me educate you and disabuse you of your “notion” as to why Jewish people dominate politics and industry in the USA. They do so because of the political and social dynamics of small group co-operation in the midst of larger groups. It works the same everywhere. Smaller extremely cohesive and loyal groups, when implanted within larger groups, will always co-operate more effectively than the larger group in terms of vaulting their members to the top. Additionally, the social advantage of resource accumulation manifests in better education for their children (private schools), as a group average, and therefore an overall success advantage and a perpetuation of industrial and political dominance. However, the root of the success stems from the smaller group co-operative advantage within the larger group.

    Jewish efficiency at this co-operation, which spans nations, is directly effected by the higher average intelligence, the cohesive strength and indoctrination that the religion provides, and the abuse of claims of “antisemitism” to stifle any criticism of their means and methods of dominance. While the efficiency can be admired, it does not mean that it is a good deal for the people of their host countries.

    Moving on.

    Let’s be real. Jewish Zionist classify themselves as a religion, a race or a nation when it suits their agenda and eschew any one classification when it does not. This murkiness in generalization enables them to shift positions in any argument.


    1. When they are accused of being a fifth column in other nations, then they are just a “religion” exercising their right to practice. They are not a people loyal to Israel first (a nation).

    2. When their right to create Israel is brought up, then they are a “Nation” entitled to their own country. (Notice that this contradicts their claim of being a fifth column).

    3. Whether or not they are an ethnicity shifts according to whether they are defending multiculturalism in host countries, defending their segregation / apartheid policies in Israel, or invoking the Holocaust.

    Moving on.

    Ahh…and the coup de grace of psychopathic self-interested justification for evil behavior: “The Palestinians don’t exist”.

    I love this one because it reveals your true psychopathy to anyone who has the inclination to dig just a little bit. You realize that this statement reveals criminal insanity, right?

    And, yeah, Israel wants to live peacefully. Right. I have truly entered Zionist propaganda land.

    I have books and books of evidence, quotes from Israeli leaders and Zionists, newspaper articles, and pictures going back to before Israel was created that all contradict these delusional self-interested lies.

    And by your admission, Israel eliminated a state. Whether it is “only” 30 years old or ancient is irrelevant. How old is too old to eliminate a state of people, you amoral moron?

    You remind me of so many arrogant Zionists that I have met over the years. Its never a real adult discussion. It ALWAYS quickly breaks down to dismissive devaluation of the Palestinian people and the situation in general. I’ll frequently hear the type of ludicrous nonsense that you spew or that “Its not a big deal”. It’s lack of wisdom in both your internal spirituality and in relating to others that they are conversing with, arrogance, and a degree of sociopathy that enables these comments.

    Well, to 4 million+ “non-existent” Palestinians it is a very big deal.
    As is organ trafficking a big deal.
    As is human trafficking.
    As is fifth column political dominance.

    You call this blog centrist? Not in your wildest dreams. You disseminate the worst of Zionist self-interested propaganda points.

    • Jesse C permalink
      September 19, 2011 10:03 am

      You should feel honored Rick. You have Iranian heads of state reading your blog. 😉

  18. August 29, 2011 3:06 pm

    D: Thanks (I think) for the detailed critique of my attempt to understand what makes the Jews tick (and succeed) and why they’re so widely resented. I’ll make an effort to address your remarks (and I’m assuming you’re not a regular visitor at Stormfront or JewWatch — I hope).

    If you had read a little more closely, you’d have seen that I enumerated several factors behind Jewish success, beyond the happy accident of higher IQs. Creative passion and precision (Jewish creative types tend to be almost superhumanly prolific). Practical intelligence (as opposed to mere IQ points). Networking smarts. Drive and stamina. Stable domestic lives and relative freedom from self-destructive vices. All these traits work to lift the Jews above the general population, even without help from their cousin or brother in law who works for Disney or CBS. I could have added other factors, like their generally high energy levels and enviable self-confidence, but I didn’t want to veer too far into ethnic stereotyping.

    Yes, there’s undeniably a Jewish power elite that tends to keep the rewards in the family, but it’s analogous to the old WASP power elite. Just as it would be foolish to suggest that all WASPs (including West Virginia coal miners and Southern hog farmers) benefit from the WASP old-boy network, it’s just as foolish to assume that all Jews benefit from the Jewish power elite. It’s called an elite for a reason: only a tiny minority are granted admission to the inner circle. As I said in my piece, the Jews aren’t some united monolithic force; they’re individuals with a profusion of individual personalities, aspirations and outcomes.

    Are Jews a religion or an ethnic group? They’re both, of course… and I agree with you that the Jewish community tends to be deliberately blurry on this issue. If Carl Reiner is an atheist, does that make him a goy? Of course not. Jews themselves traditionally consider someone Jewish if he or she has a Jewish mother — the person could be raised Presbyterian but still be Jewish, which for me refutes the notion of Jews as exclusively a religious group.

    One quibble about your IQ discussion: yes, there are many more gentiles than Jews with IQs over 110 and even 120… but the numbers start to equalize as you move toward genius territory. I don’t remember the exact stats, but I think the number of Jews with IQs over 150 was roughly equal to the number of non-Jews in that exalted category. Granted, a genius-level IQ doesn’t automatically translate to success, and only a small minority of Jews have such lofty IQs to begin with, but the skewing of the bell curves at the upper levels would explain the dominance of Jews in science, math, chess, criticism and other intellectual pursuits. And don’t forget all those other success traits that distinguish the Jews from the rest of us. See, it’s not a conspiracy.

    As for the matter of Israel and the Palestinians, read my discussion under “Israel” — then feel free to comment. You can’t judge my position on the basis of one comment I made on THIS discussion. And try to cool down, OK?… I’m not a paid shill for Israel. I’m not even Jewish.

  19. ho chan permalink
    November 5, 2011 5:24 am

    You are wasting your time. First of all Jews are irrational in some of their basic actions. It is obvious Jews look down on Gentiles; “look how few we are and how many nobel prizes Jews win” is just a not very subtle way of saying “we are superior”, yet Jews choose to live among “inferior” peoples and expect to be fully acceptd, I find it hard to find something more stupid than that.

    I believe the so called Jewish genius is related to two factors; an exremely high drive to succeed which you find in Gentiles but less often, and also to having an “outsiders view” in everything they do from business to social analysis to nuclear physics. The outsider view allows the Jew to ignore many conventions and values the host society needs to exist. The outsider view enables the Jew to look at a physics problem under a new light to destroy conventional physics thinking and that is good as Einstein did. Unfortunately the outsiders view also allows the Jew to be creative in ways which are destructive to established Gentile society and even to humanity as Marx and al the Jewish Communist revolutionaries tried to do that nearly wrecked Western civilization and other civilizations (China).

    In the US right now you see both types of actions going on; bright Jewish scientists for the common good and equally bright Jewish social critics that through movies, books, articles and astute legal challenges have basically destroyed the values of American society and have turned it into the moral and economjc wreck of today. Yes, not all the hiper articulate hiper critics are Jewish but most are.
    As outsiders Jews can not think of bright things to fix the US, the motivation is not there, the “US is not us”. Socially Jews are wired to stay passive in this area, for them it makes no sense to rescue a society based on the wrong values.

    By the way, I have noticed that with respect to the Jewish communjty, the synagogues, Israel. Jewish crooks and traitors to the US, Jews are much tamer. I have yet to see the relentless stream of books about the Jewish Rosembergs who passed the secrets of the nuclear bomb to no less than Stalin. The same for Pollard, another Jew who stole for Israel top US military secrets. Even the US Jewish establishment and Israel seek him to be pardoned by the US president!. Obviously those US American Jews put Israel ahead of US security.

    If such behaviour on the part of Israel an the US Jewish leadership is not stupid you tell me. Obviously too many Gentile Americans are not too bright otherwise the US would have severed ties with israel and cut all economic aid to Israel and warn US Jewish leadership to show 100% loyalty to the US or Jews will be barred from all military and influencial positions in the US in business, academia, the media, Hollywood, law, etc.

    The US Jewish leadership, and those who vote them in, seem to think that bending the will of many US politicians is the same as persuading Gentile Americans that everything is fine. Again, I can not think of more stupid behaviour than that of the Jewisk leadership and the millions of US Jews who support them or do not accuse them of being bad Americans.

    J have also noticed Israeli Jews are “dummer”, more like US Gentiles, they are not nearly as creative as US Jews in criticising all sorts sort of things about the home country. In fact the average Israeli is far more docile than the average American. Can you imagine the US government using taxpayer money to support US churches like the Israeli government supports the jewish religion an thousands who live off that money.

    Much is made of Jewish IQ.

    First IQ measures certain parameters which mostly correlate with verbal skills an a certain type of abstract reasoning. Second IQ does not measure wisdom and wisdom is perhaps an even higher form of intelligence.

    Many Ashkenazi Jews I know are highly motivated, even compulsive, to succeed, therefore, as many Jews say: “Jews get twice as far because they work twice as hard” as a matter of fact very successful Gentiles also share those traits. So unless we could measure iq in the womb I do not see how we can separate iq from motivation.

    Democracy, modern parlament, the French Revolution are not Jewish inventions. Maxism and the soviet system can be considered secular Jewish ideas that resulted in abject failures in economic and human terms, even worse than nazism.

    If we look at other factors I see no evidence Jews, Ashkenazi or not, are more intelligent than ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Phoenicians, Ancient Greeks, Romans and modern Western Europeans and Anglo-Europeans.

    All those peoples have created civilizations that far surpases what their Jewish coetaneans created. Achievements that go beyond the Bible, a very important book but not a structure that can compare with the complex intricacies of a civilization.
    At the peak, the only successful Jewish country, ancient Israel was far less intelligent and successful than coetanean Greeks and Romans. Medicine, all arts, all sciences, social organization, system of laws, engineering, architecture, education, book writing and on and on were Gentile breakthroughs.

    As for the Bible, it is obviously a persuasive book and elegantly codifies some important aspects of human behaviour but frankly I can not see it as above the ability of romans, modern anglo-europeans to produce laws and orderly societies.

    That an idea is extremely persuasive does not necessarily correlate with it being sound. Marxism, Nazism, burning witches, human sacrifice (remember Abraham’s readiness to sacrifice his son), not to mention the Mayas, slavery and so on. Jews and non Jews have produced extremely persuasive and extremely stupid ideas. I am not saying the Bible is a stupid or bad book, I do not know. What we do know is there is no objective evidence it is a superior way of thinking about human behaviour. I mean, I do not see Jews as treating each other better in Israel than in many other countries and certainly below Japan an Northern Europeans. In fact, looking at how Israelis manage to be deeply divided about almost anything and are pretty intolerant amongst themselves. With respect to Diaspora Jews, sometimes seems were it not for the perennial rabbit-like state of alert about antisemitism, seems they have not much in common amongst themselves.

    Ir can also reasonably be stated that Greeks elevated human dignity far
    above the Bible when they made man and the understanding of man and nature the center, not God.
    I am not sure Israel is a successful country. Is far too young and too dependant on the good will of the US to be able to speak of success.

    I would also think that having your own territory and not be at the mercy of others is a measure of intelligence.

    Jews are always at the mercy of Gentiles yet they have been unable to figure out a way to live without regularly being hated, distrusted, expelled, killed by Gentiles. It is not very intelligent either to have as unique strategy “we are good they are bad, this should not happen” when it is obvious it will happen again and again. In my view is about to happen in the US if the economy does not turn around soon.

    It is not very intelligent either to, again and again for Jews not to prevent or even anticipate anTisemitism.

    Furthermore, by all measurable parameters Israel is basically a sort of Germanic country, albeit less organized, that formally calls itself Jewish.

    While it has merit to transform that land into a relatively productive country, I can think of Anglo-Europeans having done things of far more impact; the Pilgrims created the US, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Argrntina even.

    If we look at any parameter, economic or social Israel is well behind Switzerland, Germany, Holland, the Scandinavians, Japan, the UK, Canada, etc. Were it not for the poor social values of millions of blacks and latinps, even an idiot can guess the US would also be far ahead too.

    Jews have won many Nobel prizes, have great artists, great financiers but all those achievement always happen in the context of an advanced society created by Gentiles.

    Finally, right now the US, full of bright Jews in all institutions, is an economic and moral mess, far worse than when Jews were not in the top posts. On the other hand Germany, with no Jews, manages itself far more intelligently in economic and social terms. Nor do the Germans want the Askhenazi Jews back, never mind the holocaust memorial in Berlin.

    No Anglo European, Arab, Indian, Chinese, Japanese has any reason to believe Askenazi Jews are smarter than them, perhaps quite the contrary, if we ook at the overall historical record.

    Finally, if US Jews do not see antisemitism coming to the US big time it proves to me Jews are pretty stupid where it counts the most, protection of your own life.

    If Jews believe the Holocaust, the memorials, the books, the movies, the Holocaust museums and Abe Foxman will prevent antjsemitism, they are not only stupid, they are schmucks nuts!

  20. November 5, 2011 8:51 pm

    Ho Chan: Thanks for a thought-provoking post. This is the sort of discussion we could never have in the mainstream media, which is why I thought it was so important to discuss it on my site.

    That said, I don’t think you can criticize the Jews for being “irrational” in their choice to live among people of “inferior” intelligence. 1) They were driven out of their ancestral homeland, so they had no choice but to live among other people; 2) they’re arguably more intelligent than any other group on earth, so they’re going to be at least marginally smarter than the natives wherever they live; 3) if you want to succeed, one good strategy is to set yourself up among people who can’t compete with you. And of course, they succeed primarily within the context of those societies because, with the exception of little Israel, that’s where they live.

    About the Jews’ tendency to act as subversives in their host cultures: I don’t deny that some Jews have tried to unseat the old ruling class by whatever means possible, and the most effective means they’ve used is simple mockery — beginning with the Marx Brothers and continuing to this day. Admittedly the goys have made easy targets — from upper-class WASPs to southern rednecks. By ridiculing the people who dominated America, Jews made it easier for themselves and other newcomers to gain social clout — not entirely a bad thing, but I’ll admit that the decline of the WASP has thrown us into a kind of moral vacuum. We can make fun of WASP starchiness and snobbery, but at least their culture promoted qualities like honor and character — and we’ve tossed those qualities out the window.

    H. L. Mencken once observed that despite the Jews’ gifts, they hadn’t produced a truly world-class writer, composer or artist on the level of a Shakespeare, Beethoven or Rembrandt. That much is true. But don’t forget that the great Jewish ascendancy didn’t really occur until the beginning of the 20th century, a time of major scientific and technological advances but a pretty impoverished epoch for the arts (I’m not a big fan of modernism, as you can tell). Nobody, including the gentiles, produced much in the way of truly sublime works during the 20th century.

    Finally (I don’t have time to discuss every topic you raised here, as much as I’d like to), I think most Jews are aware of anti-Semitism in their midst, and some of them (like the ADL’s Abe Foxman) are vigilant to the point of absurdity. I can’t overstate how important it is to lift the taboo from discussions of Jewish cultural influence in this country. We shouldn’t have to live in fear of being tagged as anti-Semites just for noting that influence… and it does the Jews no discernible good to let resentments against them fester in secrecy until they burst. We’re looking at a major cultural phenomenon: the rise of a tiny ancient tribe to dizzying heights — and yet we’re not allowed to comment on it. That has to change, as long as the comments don’t turn ugly. As I said in my main article, the Jews aren’t some monolithic force intent on taking over the world. No doubt there’s a Jewish power elite, just as there is (or was) a WASP power elite, but only a minority belong to it. Most Jews are simply good, productive, well-educated and thoughtful citizens, and we really shouldn’t have anything to hide from each other.

    • July 15, 2012 2:27 am

      Every time I hear a Jew open his mouth, it is to speak treason against this country. They do this in every country they ever were in which is why they are hated the world over. Do I hate them.No. I just prefer not to think about them much.

      • July 15, 2012 4:20 am

        Jewish radicals are in the minority; most Jews are simply productive, hardworkiing middle-class citizens. They’re the ones you don’t hear from, so don’t please don’t base your opinions on the handful of subversives with a knack for being heard.

      • mplo permalink
        February 5, 2013 5:52 am

        al: You are a bigoted a*****e, despite your claims to the contrary. As a person of Jewish heritage myself, I find your attitude offensive. You’d do the (late) Boston School Committeewoman, Louise Day Hicks, the late Boston City Councilor James Kelly, and all the people down in Southie (South Boston, MA) and Charlestown, MA, who rioted against mandatory school busing here in Boston back in the mid to late 1970’s mighty, mighty proud!

  21. R. F. Royce permalink
    February 3, 2012 1:41 pm

    This is one of the most interesting and dangerous subjects one can involves one’s self in. I judge (yes, judge) racial cultural groups.based upon the nation states they have developed and the cities (buildings) they have left behind. Blacks nd Jews ahve left nothing. Thye live in the margins of the hard work of all the rest and generally complain and cause trouble. Think about it.

    • February 3, 2012 2:59 pm

      R.F.: Well, the Jews left us the Bible, which spawned both Christianity and Islam; that’s a pretty impressive monument. (Not all monuments are bricks-and-mortar.) And don’t forget that they had no homeland of their own between the Roman conquest and 1948, so there wasn’t much they could develop in the way of infrastructure down through the centuries. All told, the Jews have made cultural contributions way beyond their numbers, especially since the beginning of the 20th century. Have they been “troublemakers,” too? Some of them… but I’d probably have been a troublemaker if my people were routinely excluded from the inner circles of power and privilege. What they did was create their own alternative establishment based in New York and Hollywood. I don’t know how anyone could think they live on the margins of hard work… they’re some of the hardest-working people in existence. They just tend to work with their minds rather than their hands.

      As for blacks… it’s true that they’ve produced comparatively little in the way of technology or intellectual achievements during their history. My theory (and it’s a controversial one, though it’s supported by some black leaders) is that the majority of black people are right-brained — more adept at creative, spontaneous expression than pure reasoning. This would explain their undeniable flair for music, language and style (they’ve started just about every movement in pop culture since the beginning of the 20th century). It might also explain the depressingly subpar academic and professional achievements of most blacks. We live in a society that primarily rewards left-brained skills: number-crunching, programming, legalese, financial planning and the like. Most blacks just don’t fit into that mold, and they’ve suffered as a result.

      In short, I don’t think it’s up to us to judge an entire race or ethnic group by its contributions or lack thereof. I do think, though, that we have to open up the boundaries of public discussions so that PC pressures can no longer force us to ignore the obvious. We’re not helping black people, for example, by insisting that they’re exactly the same as the rest of us, and that only racism is holding them back. I think we need some bold sociologists to point out how blacks are different, how our schools might address their needs so they don’t drop out, and how they might leverage their talents to succeed in Western societies. We probably have to start by declaring that black inner-city culture is a disaster area — partly inflicted on them by society, but also partly of their own making — and that blacks need to drop their defenses and acknowledge that fact before they can change their communities for the better.

      • June 2, 2012 9:30 pm

        jews didn’t necessarily leave us the bible because jews are only one of 13 tribes , levites are the 13th and of those 13 tribes the jew tribe didn’t write all that much …

        And aren’t jews of today the product of a mass conversion , khazares … ” khazares is probably misspelled , my bad.

        Did the khazars write the bible ?

        And where an the Torah does it say that you got to have a Jew mom to be a Jew , I thought birth rights where handed down from father to son

        Ow ya , what if it turns out Jesus is the wolf in sheep’s clothing and the jews are not gods chosen people but the devils and the muslims are a sort of pressure group

        Actually israel would have been assigned to yahway by the El

        And storm front is a good site

      • June 2, 2012 11:07 pm

        And being that their is 10 lost tribes out their and that jews are only 1 of those and they didn’t write all of the bible. That means your ancestors could have wrote a good part of the bible , as well as other readers ancestors out their could have to.

        The kosher certified zionist preachers are the false prophets of our day and are every just as guilty as some jews are if not more so.

        Also it was the romans and catholics that brought the bible through the dark ages and today. The jews brought you the talmud . They also keep that book hidden from the normal christian it seems … hum I wonder why 🙂

        And if you ever get a pair of ” They live ” glasses and look at the word israel and know some hebrew you might translated it to mean … is bad / wicked god : ra in Hebrew means bad / wicked and EL means god. IS RA EL .

        It goes on and on like the serpent telling the truth in genesis. In hebrew the story is different / slightly.

      • July 15, 2012 2:25 am

        Yes, Jews did leave us the Bible, one of the most evil books in the world, which speaks of the most evil god ever conceived, and Judaism spawned two evil brothers, Christianity and Islam. A pox on all three.

  22. Ian CSE permalink
    February 3, 2012 4:25 pm

    Oy Rick!

    Absolutely the most intelligent person I have ever met was the African-American musician Stanley Jordan. He gave me guitar lessons and played at my first wedding, a few months later he was on Johnny Carson. Ironically, my little contribution to jazz music history is that he learned Hava Nagila for me for the wedding (my wife was Jewish) and put it on his first album. He was working on a double major at Princeton, electrical engineering and music.

    In science I have met plenty of smart people with doctorates and huge publication histories, but none of them was close to matching the intellect of Stanley, he could have done anything, he did reinvent the jazz guitar.

    Poster Royce on the other hand has earned the title “Intellectual midget.”

    • February 4, 2012 2:40 am

      Ian: Of course there are plenty of brilliant black people. (I don’t even have to name names; we can all think of numerous shining African American stars in the intellectual and cultural sphere.) I should probably avoid all generalizations about race and ethnicity, but I can’t help wondering why we continually ignore the academic plight of black kids in our schools. (In Philly their high school dropout rate is hovering somewhere around 45%.) Racism and poverty alone don’t explain it. A century ago, most Jewish kids lived in relative poverty and faced widespread discrimination, but most of them succeeded academically.

      I’d like to see this taboo issue brought into the open so we can work on solutions rather than just hope the problem goes away. Unlike a lot of liberals who pay lip service to African Americans while privately harboring doubts about their abilities, I think the academic gap can be explained at least in part by the right-brain/left-brain hypothesis. Of course not all blacks are right-brained, just as all whites aren’t left-brained. But I’d be willing to bet that if tested, blacks in general would display more of a right-brain bias than the rest of us. (East Asians would probably skew toward the left brain even more than whites do, and here I go sinking ever further into the bog of ethnic generalization. But am I wrong?)

      The bottom line is that we should overcome our PC inhibitions and test such hypotheses so we can incorporate the knowledge into our approach to education. But then I remember how Larry Summers got himself into hot water simply by suggesting similar research into the struggles of women in science. Some issues seem to be just too inflammatory for public discussion, and that’s a shame.

      • June 2, 2012 9:34 pm

        No your not wrong , just thanking.

  23. Ian CSE permalink
    February 4, 2012 9:50 am

    Yes, political correctness limits our search for answers, agreed. My point I guess was that its possible to be both artistic/musical and intellectual. The music and math abilities are linked! I think from a genetic viewpoint its certainly possible that your idea has merit, and it certainly should be discussed.

    My Father taught Civil War History and what was called at the time “Negro History” at Rutgers in Newark in the 1960s and was in his own way a sort of civil rights pioneer; he fought successfully to have the “black” inner city campus of Rutgers funded equally with the white campuses, New Brunswick, etc. So, I have always, since childhood, had an outlook of sympathy for African Americans, most especially because so many of my musical heros, Hendrix!, were of color. Also I should say that one of my best friends, who is half African half Caucasian is number two on that list of the brightest people I have ever met. A few years back he decided to teach himself classical piano, within a week he was playing pretty little pieces, a week later he was composing them. Last year he did the same with art, went from his first attempt to having a successful show in Miami inside of 3 months. He did the website for the superbowl two years in a row a few years before that, he was a computer genius from the time he was something like 6, he was taking them apart and building his own computer games.

    I’d say that there are very few people in the US who are of 100% African blood, most people of color have mixed genetic backgrounds. My friend has what geneticists call “Hybrid vigor.” I think its probably very common to have a better than average set of abilities from this genetic mixing.

  24. Anonymous permalink
    April 10, 2012 9:19 pm

    I can’t stand you eather jew creeps go grub up some money mr banker!

    • Anonymous permalink
      April 10, 2012 9:20 pm

      I hope the arabs kill you than them selves!

      • June 2, 2012 9:41 pm

        If the jews undermine christianity and christians don’t / stop supporting jews and its just jews vs muslim , well 🙂

    • March 3, 2014 4:27 am

      Imirvsspee brain power at work! Great answer!

  25. Anonymous permalink
    April 10, 2012 9:26 pm

    damn insestuis pigs no wonder your so ugly with those huge noses and you stold that land threw deseption threw the routhchilds damn nazi creeps!

    • April 10, 2012 9:40 pm

      Good grief… You’re the kind of Gentile who almost makes me embarrassed to be a Gentile. I can only imagine what the Jews think of critters like you. (I’m assuming that your posts aren’t just a tasteless joke.) If you’re a Christian, which I presume you are, I should point out that 1) you’re willfully ignoring Jesus’ command that we love one another, and 2) you’ve been worshipping a JEW all these years. Think about it.

      • June 2, 2012 10:18 pm

        Why do you allow yourself to be labeled ? … Gentile / Goi … is that what you are ?

      • July 15, 2012 2:20 am

        Why do you bend over to praise Jews and attack your own non Jewish identity. New flash for ya buddy…Jesus was a fairy tale made up by a pagan Roman emperor based on an obscure Jewish heretic that the Jews stoned to death in the first century B.C. (not A.D) there is no corroborating evidence outside the Bible that is reliable according to scholars that the Jesus you quote even existed.

  26. Anonymous permalink
    April 10, 2012 9:28 pm

    I don’t hate but two jews sergey brin and larry page the googelist!

  27. Anonymous permalink
    April 10, 2012 9:30 pm

    I hate larry page & sergey brin and only them two jews and Iam a jew two!

  28. Anonymous permalink
    April 10, 2012 9:32 pm

    I am part jewish but I hate money grubbing jews like larry page and sergey brin.

    • April 10, 2012 9:42 pm

      OK, so let me get this straight… you hate part of yourself?

    • Robert permalink
      February 18, 2015 2:08 am

      If you are not African American you are not part Hebrew.

  29. Anonymous permalink
    April 10, 2012 9:33 pm

    fuck them to unjews

  30. July 15, 2012 2:15 am

    If anyone out there thinks today’s Jews are the same as the Jews of first century Palestine, they are sorely mistaken. (Research Khazars). Arabs are the only real Semites left in the world.As far as right wingers being more anti -Jewish than left wingers you are sorely mistaken, the entire religious right wing is Zionist. The right wingers you speak of are a tiny minority like Christian Identity and Neo Nazis. And I am so surprise that on this forum, gentile and Jew alike, who call themselves intellectuals,even believe that Jesus, a creation of Constantine, even really existed. You are fighting about a non-entity. It’s like looking into the insane asylum.Finally, after claiming you were going to be fair about this, you bent over backwards to praise Jews. How dare you say that most of the intellectuals in this country are Jews. Name two. Maybe the intellectuals you listen to are Jewish.

    • July 15, 2012 4:12 am

      al: I’m pretty sure the theory about today’s Jews being descended from the Khazars has been debunked. DNA testing on modern Jews reveals ancient Middle Eastern origins. And I thought I explained at the top that anti-Semitism isn’t a clear-cut issue of right or left; it’s just that traditionally anti-Semitism has been a right-wing phenomenon (Hitler? the John Birch Society? the KKK?). You really believe that Jesus was a “creation of Constantine?” Hmmm… how do you explain the persecution of Christians by Nero, who lived about 250 years earlier?

      I know that the historical documentation of Jesus is almost nonexistent, but there’s plenty of other evidence that points to his existence. Why would the disciple Peter have been preaching about Jesus in Rome, which is in the historical record? Why, for that matter, would so many of Jesus’ disciples have risked their lives (and ultimately sacrificed them) to spread the word about a fictional character? And why would a fictional account include potentially embarrassing details like Jesus crying out on the cross that God had forsaken him?

      I don’t think I’ve been bending over backward to praise the Jews… I’ve just examined why they seem to have stirred up so much resentment — most of it undeserved. Righty’s complaints aren’t totally off the mark, but they lack balance, sympathy and historical perspective. It’s easy to resent people who are more successful than we are, but that doesn’t make it right.

      As for Jewish public intellectuals… do you really want a list? Just off the top of my head: David Brooks, Michael Kinsley, William Kristol, Thomas L. Friedman, Harold Bloom, Steven Pinker… well, that’s more than two, right? And the list goes on and on. The estimate is that about 60 percent of American public intellectuals are Jewish… I wasn’t making that up.

      Do Jews benefit from their own version of the “old boy network”? In some circles (like Hollywood), definitely. But for the most part, they’ve earned their success the old-fashioned way: brains, adaptability and effort.

      • Uncle Bill permalink
        November 13, 2013 9:25 pm

        I think you’re wrong about the debunking of the Khazar origin. A jewish geneticist working in Israel has very recently made the determination that the Sephardic Jews have more in common genetically with the palestinians than they do with the Askenazi from Eastern Europe. Not that it makes a hell of a lot of difference. As an atheist I don’t care much what mythology you try to codify your ethics with.

    • March 24, 2013 11:59 pm

      I feel so sorry for you; did you not attend University? I studied Religious Studies at Swarthmore and I can provide my scholarly opinion that Jesus did in fact exist. No one could compile an exhaustive list of brilliantly enlightened teachings. But I see you have issues from living in the sick society of modern day America so I will not deem you stupid, simply uneducated and ignorant and possibly mentally ill.

  31. Glides permalink
    November 30, 2012 12:01 am

    I suppose this is fair enough, I’m Jewish and I’m neutral on the whole Israel topic, since it’s essentially 2 groups of people doing bad things to each other.

    I personally don’t practice anything other than the big holidays (Passover, Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the Big Four), and don’t really obey any of that religious stuff.

    Actually, most of us are like me. We conveniently ignore all the stupid crap our holy book has. I mean, it condemns gay folks and advocates slavery, so it’s not exactly trustworthy. Luckily, every other holy book has the same sort of stuff.

    You’re right in how we shouldn’t be so judgmental about anti-Semites, but I guess we as a culture have developed a complex to getting made fun of, I don’t know.

    I personally think we’re a culture, and not exactly a religion.

    Just wanted to offer a more Jewish perspective on this topic, considering it’s about my group.

    • Rathwana permalink
      January 31, 2013 11:57 pm

      All on this post, including Mr. Bayan, would benefit from getting to know this organization, as it debunks common stereotypes simply by the need that it serves, and very ably at that:

    • February 2, 2013 1:00 am

      Glides: Thanks for your very sane and good-natured perspective. With regard to anti-Semitism, I think the Jewish community leaders (like Abraham Foxman of the ADL) should start distinguishing between genuine hostility toward the Jews and simple observations about Jewish cultural prominence or Israeli policies. Right now I think they tend to dump them all into a single box labeled “Anti-Semitism.”

  32. Tatiana permalink
    March 24, 2013 11:38 pm

    Here’s one for You- I am a feminist and I agree with Righty except for women’s equality. Take righty’s stance and eliminate the ant-feminist misogynist and protestant statement and you are truly being moderate. Ten million of my people-Catholics were killed during wwII but the selfish jews focused solely on thesmselves as they ALwAYS d0 hollywood focused solely on them. And they did Kill Christ and they are little bastards I should know I grew up going to school with these valueless monsters in New York City and they were no smarter than anyone else their parents helped them with their homework unlike my drunken Irish father so shut up you know nothing about these people until you have lived among them literally. So perverted saying “tits” at age four. They destroyed the United States-ook at Canada not fcucked up and Europe not fcucked up I became a European citizen because i am embarrased of the stupidity of AMerica. see ya.

    • mplo permalink
      April 13, 2014 11:57 am

      Like al, you are a CONFIRMED bigot, Tatiana. Ever heard the expression “It’s better to KEEP ONE’S MOUTH SHUT and look ignorant than to OPEN ONE’S MOUTH and remove all doubt.

  33. Charmian permalink
    May 6, 2013 6:27 pm

    oh dear God, protect me from yids and goyims and intellectuals and idiots and iq’s. come with me and i’ll introduce you to a really civilised and intelligent culture: the san of the kalahari.

  34. Anonymous permalink
    May 12, 2013 7:01 pm

    Less inclined to work with their hands? Wow!

  35. Ian Coleman permalink
    May 17, 2013 1:03 am

    I’m a gentile and I would like to know, why can’t Jews learn some manners? Jesus Christ (as we say). Jews can’t go around screaming that disliking Jews is a great evil and then not even try to be more pleasant. You don’t have to win every argument. You don’t have to brag all the time. You can be nice to people if you really, really try.

    • mplo permalink
      July 5, 2013 10:43 pm

      It sounds as if YOU’RE the one who needs to learn some manners, Ian Coleman. GTFU and change your attitude. It’s lousy!

  36. ILoveAllHumans,AlmostAsmuchAsIHatethem permalink
    July 20, 2013 12:43 am

    As an agnostic, and a believer in one race, the Human race. I have to ask why is it Israel (which jews can not be separated from in topic, despite there being many Jews who disagree with it’s existence and creation) seems to be above all criticism?

    I’ve not met someone I’ve known to be a Jew in my life, nor can I say their “nationality” is of any importance to me. I am an American, I love my people, I love my nation. I say that in disregard of my disapproval of the actions of my representative government, and the lack of courtesy, moral, and sensitivity of my neighbor, as seems ever evident by the rapid spread of information over the years as more and more of my fellow human beings find their way to the internet. What is an American? We have African Americans, Asian American’s, Italian Americans, Mexican Americans, Jewish Americans, but mostly a mix breed of “mutts.” And while many yet do not get it, we have given up our racial differences and have accepted the title “American”.. any legal citizen of the U.S.A. is an American.. it does not matter what color, what religious beliefs, if any, whether you have straight or narrow eyes, dark or light skin. And while not always the best example, I consider us the foundation of one true admittance, that dna and genetics have proven that we are all of one species, and despite minor alterations.. I can safely say we are one race. Human.. and we need to come together or we will destroy this planet as if we are parasites.

    I have had three debates with Jewish people over the internet.. all in an attempt to have meaningful conversation with another human being and perhaps take on what I believe to be one of the biggest challenges of bringing together the human race as a collective whole, with no indifference to the different physical appearances we might or might not share, despite the Zionists who created the idea of modern Israel being mostly of European descent, therefore making them less “Semitic” than the indigenous arabs (consisting of Jews, Christians, and Muslims, any of which has been persecuted in the Middle East over centuries) yet I read a blog from a Jewish person who claimed “Semite has meant jewish for well over a century now”..I checked the dictionary. That would indeed be a false claim. But I’m sure you’d love for me to believe you.

    My debates usually start with me first exclaiming “While I bare no ill will to a person of Jewish faith, or born into a Jewish family” and leading up to “I disagree with the existence of the State of Israel,” while being very careful to include the fact that this does not mean I disagree with the existence of Jewish people. In each instance, I have immediately been declared “anti-Semite”, rather than give me one solid reason why the disruption of indigenous Arab lives is justified in the creation of the Jewish safe haven of Israel. This is usually followed by some of the rudest insults I’ve ever heard.. the hope that I burn in hell amongst other insults towards my intelligence.

    Still yet, despite this being my only interaction with people I’ve known for a fact to be of Jewish faith or Jewish “nationality” (In quotes because for somewhere between 500-800 years under Ottoman rule, there was no state of Israel, and therefore Jewry was purely religious faith, and tracing your routes back to a time where this state did exist) I do my damndest not to generalize Israelis or Jews as a whole based on these interactions.

    I will say these debates have led me weary of trying to discuss my point of view with someone of Jewish nationality, much less the people of other origin that strongly support this state. So much hatred for my difference of opinion.. and somehow each individual conversation went back to the holocaust. Which I do not degrade this period of history. It was an atrocity.. it wasn’t just an attack against Jewry. Hitler took on the world. Anyone not of the Arian race could have been subjected to those camps. European Jews got it the worst during this period of history. That is for sure and I am SHAMED by humanity’s ability to hate itself so much. Bloodshed in general saddens me, much less to that extent of genocide.

    But I have to ask, does it outweigh other atrocities against mankind? I do not have specific examples off hand, nor do I want to put the effort into researching these points for a long winded comment I’m leaving on a random website which has an article covering the topic on my mind at the moment. But I do know that it is not the only case of genocide. It is just the most remembered one, partly for happening in an era when mass communication was newly available and spread information light years faster than we could spread such information in the past. And partly because when anyone speaks of their disapproval of the creation of, and the current state of the State of Israel we are still being asked to apologize for it. And if memory serves me correct, my nation helped teach Germany it’s lesson. Germany has been humbled by the world..Hitler shot himself.. and in this modern era Germany looks at his regime as a mark of taint on it’s history. Has Germany tried to take over the world since? How active is their military even in this world today?

    I’m too young to have risked my life to stumble upon concentration camps in Auschwitz. But a war to end a genocide? To stop a tyrant from disrupting the lives of fellow human beings WORLD WIDE? That’s a war I would have signed up for.. rather than today’s military usage..or that of the decades since that fateful war by my nation. Where we seem to be the aggressor anytime someone decides to change their currency exchange for oil from the U.S. Dollar to any other form of currency. (Start with Guantanamo Bay, and look at everything the U.S. military has involved itself since. Google “Saddam threatens to switch to the euro” or “Iran threatens to switch to the Euro.)

    So yes, I have to say, I’m sorry that your ANCESTORS experienced the holocaust, and to those of you still living I would never wish that on any human being. But my ancestors helped put a stop to that problem. Jews in the U.S. and other nations are amongst the most prominent people of their nations. The holocaust has ended and you may integrate with humanity like the rest of the world has allowed itself to. So will you please stop slapping me and the efforts of my country’s veterans in the face by crying holocaust any time someone says something that you disagree with?

    I must also say, that if I had been in LBJ’s position when you attacked the U.S.S Liberty, my response would not be to recall the U.S. armed forces and say “I want that goddamned ship at the bottom”. I can’t wrap my head around, how a nation’s military attacks a U.S. marked ship, (at the reports of veteran survivors of the attack on the Liberty who even climbed the mast to refly the U.S. Banner, whose only fire upon your military forces was due to the heat and fire from the napalm exploding shells in the gun on the upper machine gun deck) gets away with an apology.. yet a group of radical muslims flying planes in to buildings in the U.S. (Saudi Arabian? “Bin Laden” look it up) causes us to fight a pre-emptive war on terror in multiple nations in the middle east.

    I think my response would have been to shoot your fighters down, move in the 6th Fleet and surround your borders and dare you to attack us again, ESPECIALLY being as it is widely believed this was done to coverup the fact that you were preparing an attack on (I think it was Syria?) after issuing a peace treaty.

    I have to ask, why Brittain, who colonized your initial settlements and vouched for your claim to the land GAVE UP on its responsibility to this creation after deeming the land and its people “unmanageable”, and somehow within the U.N. we the United States have picked up that burden and offer you billions in financial aid and weapons. That being said I do appreciate Israel’s efforts to repay the family members of the crewmen on the Liberty..
    and I dare say in my hypothetical situation where it was me instead of LBJ during this time, had you attacked when we pressed against your borders to investigate why you attacked our recon ship, I’d have probably lit you up like we did Hiroshima.

    Let’s pretend that there wasn’t a Zionist Ideal at all, (which was not well supported by the way by Jews prior to the holocaust), I must ask, why, in fleeing such a travesty as the holocaust, which you choose to settle in a land where people are already living (reglardless if international law recognized Palestine as a sovereign state or not) and uproot them? Why are you still holding on to settlements beyond the two state solution agreed upon by the U.N. 70+ years ago? A place surrounded by a people that have in the past persecuted Jews? Why 70 years later are we the general populace trying to protect you from being nuked off the map? When through proper channels, any person could find his way to a nation where hate crimes are illegal? I understand that not many nations were willing to take on the multitude of refugees that escaped the holocaust. But many of you had homes to return to in Europe, that did not belong to Germany. Immigration is the basis and the creation of the great nation of the U.S.A. From my point of view this installment,this COLONIZATION, was doomed to fail from it’s conception. The ties to this ancient land are a vanity. A tragedy led you into someone’s SELFISH desire for a land in the hills of what was known only centuries ago as Israel. And I separate those creators of Zionism from terrified refugees escaping the persecution of an oppressive government. But the solution created has only resulted in almost another century of conflict. You moved from persecution, to persecution and your use of force to settle on land, inside or outside of the borders proclaimed by the U.N. upon the creation of Israel, and the agreement between the Arab organization and the U.N., only creates more hostility for you in your borders. You can hate me for it.. but my concern is that the cost for Jewish nationalism is blood. And more blood. On all sides of it. My country’s support of this abomination is brewing hatred for us. We fight “terror”.. but what we are fighting are people who have endured the situation caused by the terrors of WWII. Refugees flooded into their lands, took their homes. And they’re pissed off about it. My government’s actions in defense of your colonization only breeds more terrorists.. and in killing hundreds of thousands of arabs, even though there so many of them mourning for us after 9/11, with candles held up high in the street as a display..we are breeding a hatred that will not dissolve for decades, maybe centuries.

    I beg you, immigrate, join us, the rest of the human race. If god truly Chose you, he didn’t tell us about it. Your ancestors did in the form of story telling to pass history. And I understand many modern Israeli’s are atheist.. so what claim by you on this land? 800 years ago you may have had an ancestor living on it? By that right.. I own all of Europe.. and a bit of Native American Land which I would like restored to it’s natural landscape, trees, teepees, and roaming buffalo.

    What makes you, the Jew, above all criticism from the gentile? Or even those who practice the faith of your ancestors.. many of which disagree with the colonization. Though not near as much who feel apologetic for a genocide in a war in which most of our involvement was putting an end to the travesties being done to your people. The latter including many non jewish supporters as well despite many’s lack of research or education on the matter.

    Why when Marlon Brando appeared on Larry King Live furious with “SOME” jew’s role in U.S. media, regardless of whether he was wrong or right, was it exclaimed that “we will make the rest of your life a living hell. A.) If Jewry doesn’t have that big of a hand in U.S. Media, how will you deny a prestigious man like Marlon Brando work? How will he never work again if you don’t control it? B.) Why, if his statements are not true, or are spoken in error, would you threaten to make the rest of his life a living hell?

    Criticize me, I will either agree or disagree with you. But I won’t wish you ill intent because you mentioned me, or someone with the same skin color as me in an unfavorable light. Let me say, Marlon Brando seemed like one of the least racist people on the face of this planet. He recognized the oppression of black people in my country, he was a SUPPORTER of the state of Israel, treated Larry King (A jew) with the UTMOST respect in a few of his only televised interviews. Yet his recognition of SOME jew’s power of play in the U.S. media he was immediately labeled anti-Semitic.. and Jewish people were wishing the rest of his life be hell.

    I myself can attest for Jewish comradery in the media. Was Jerry Seinfeld really that funny? (no) Or his cast of Jewish actors? (no) His show brings back fond memories of being gathered around the TV.. I liked it. But I’ve seen better. Adam Sandler, Andy Sandberg? I’m not even going to try and contemplate the amount of Jewish actors, or producers. And I really hold nothing against them, other than their unwillingness to be criticized. But if you ask any person on the lower echelons of society what is the biggest leg in into ANY organization? They would tell you it’s not what you know. It’s who you know that will land you that break in life. There are far less people who can say “what I know got me somewhere” than “who I knew, and what I learned since then” in this world when it comes to successful careers.

    I’m going to conclude this rant.. as I’ll never be back at this website.. Won’t ever care to see anyone’s comments in debate of what I’ve said. I will say I truly mean no offense.. but all anyone’s ever done to clear up these questions in my mind have been to insult me, call me anti-Semite, and refer to the holocaust…. and it hasn’t gained you any favor in my eyes and I doubt in the eyes of any one else who have questioned why the world is the way it is today and why so much of it seems to revolve around the infallible Israel, who can never seem to do any wrong of it’s own accord.

    Perhaps if you guys would knock a few pegs off of your high horse.. quit seeking to isolate yourself from the rest of humanity, even within our societies, Palestinians would stop firing rockets into your borders. I don’t defend their actions either other than – if you tried to move in my backyard, and left me in the middle of the Gaza strip while you built a settlement over my home and place of business I would probably desire lobbing a rocket or two over your walls as well. I wouldn’t care what brought you to the point of moving into my you settled yourself into my HOME without my permission.

    I dislike the foundations of Jewry.. and I won’t apologize for that. You call yourselves the Chosen.. what proof do you have of this besides a dated 2000 year old book? Me, a gentile, sees you as no better than myself.. just mistaken human being who doesn’t realize where he fits in the whole of humanity. And I reach out to you.. arms wide open.. loving you as I would any other being.. doing my best not to hate you for your faults as I would any other human being.. Please join me brother, my fellow man, in the one race of humanity. Stop secluding yourself..Be worthy of the love I offer you..and spread that love to your fellow human being.

    I can’t count how many times I watched those planes hit the towers in New York on replay via the news. I can’t tell you how crazy I was, even as distant south as Tennessee..I was ready to preach the gospel.. prepare people for the end of the world. Over and over and over and over I watched those plans hit. My thought was not to attack three nations, kill countless civillians in the name of vengeance against a SMALL group of radicals. My thought was to question why those towers collapsed rather than tipping over.. my thought was to question the real motive behind these things. My mind recalled histories teachings of false-flag operations.. and I won’t say I know the answer to any of it. I don’t know.

    I just know I’m tired of the bloodshed.. in the name of vengeance.. in the name of protecting your shitty piece of land surrounded by people that hate you, in the name of fossil resources. I’m tired of the taxpayer baring the burden of these wars.. rather than baring the burden of putting our resources towards finding more cost effective and permanent solutions towards energy, and improving the lives of humans in general so that we need not work ourselves into old age and into death.

    The Jew saying he is the Chosen, that he can not integrate or mingle with the rest of the human race is no better to me than the Klan leader claiming white is the superior race. Thoughts like those can only be bred of vanity. Vanity only hinders the evolution of mankind. We all try to act like as races we are all separate entities. But we breathe the same air, piss the same piss, bleed the same blood and we’re ALL stuck in this shithole together until we clean it up and make it worth living on.

    And for some, it may be worth living on now. We secure no foothold for future generations by ignoring these issues, giving in to the arguments we argue about between governmental parties.. choosing one of the two people the media chooses to present to us, (all who must receive substantial lobbying by AIPAC, and other pro-Israel entities that have all but outlawed any criticism of the effect Israel and the Zionist mindset is having on the world around it.) Please, tell me Muslims hate us purely for our freedoms again. I always laugh at that. And when we decide to speak the truth to ourselves.. and reveal our support of a colonization which signs and breaks peace treaties, uses white phosphorous and breaks other human rights violations, we might actually figure out what to do about this problem. Rather than treat it’s symptoms at the expense of taxpayers abroad.

    I love you.. please join me in the one race. The human race. Let us strive rather than falter.

    Hate me for my words…my feelings. Threaten my life.. threaten to make my life a living hell..go ahead. You have a history of hating those who place you on an equal level with the rest of humanity and claim love of your fellow man. Crucify me. Fore if Christ truly existed, he should not be the only one to Burden the sins of man for simply trying to spread peace and love. Whether he were truthfully the son of Divinity, or simple a human being, who realized your practice of hatred and self-importance over the rest of humanity would eventually lead to a miserable world for anyone who can not claim Jewish heritage.

  37. otto permalink
    July 23, 2013 8:48 pm

    jews smarter? you are kidding. nothing ancient Israel did compares with what their contemporaries Ancient Greeks, ancient Egyptians or ancient romans or ancient chinese accomplished. they were not very smart at preserving their own land. even now jews are wholly dependant on non jews to sustain israel. outside israel jews are as allways at the mercy of non jews and that is very stupig given the historical record. all great contributions to art and science made by jews happen within non jewish advanced civilizations. those contributions are important but more important is to create a society where art and science can flourish. jews have never created such society by themselves. they can not because tbeir religion provides all the “answers”. this is what their religion and its offshoots christianity and islam so seductive yet magical and not rational. it was greek though that got humans to think by themselves the greeks asked alk the important rational questions, not the Jews. the jews accomplish a number of things because they are outsiders and can look at things in a detachedway. in some areas tha5 is good, although the tgeory of relativity, to give an example, is a product of greco eurooean thought, not jewish though and what Einstein did would have been done by a non jew just a few months or years later. as a matter of fact if greek though had not been rejected by masses seduced by magical jewish ideas about god and life, the world would have discovered pennillin much earlier and developed democracy further. actually the job iniciated by the non jewish Renaissance will not finished until rational thought prevails over magical thought. if jews were smart they would have figured by now a way to be accepted instead of the opposite that regularly leads jews 5o great tragedy. already about 45 million americans are anti jewish. anything can trigger antisemitism. if jews were smarter israel would be the midel society avtrue light to nations. instead we have a country which is far mor corrupt, dirty, disorganized than all the anglosaxon, germanic- scandinavian, singapore and Japan. ‘

  38. October 2, 2013 1:41 pm

    Wow…Very very good points on the NM view.
    You have to consider their physiology though. These people have tremendous DRIVE There are a lot of smart people on the couch . If you jacked up the IQ of Blacks it may allow them to see their own paranoia better but would it get them off the couch? Yes, there is laziness that can be derived from their depression but there also seems to be something in their physiology that makes them tired and without the energy and willpower of the average man. I mean no disrespect to them–they also have great gifts–they invented “The Blues” for Gods sake, athletic, superior strength (though lacking in dexterity).

    The Average American as well–though more driven–doesn’t feel the need to dominate all possible business angles. Jews have incredible spatial vision of all the paths to success. In other words a typical American actor will just be happy acting and the Jew will produce, Direct, finance, and seek out any and every opportunity to pull the entire enterprise under his own wing.

    I take offense to the broad generalization that Christians blame the Jews for anything. Real Christians obviously know exactly who Christ was and actually admire the Jews above all cultures other than their own. That comment is nothing but the Columbus myth that people thought the world was flat–which no one did. Just because some liitle ricky hitlers hate the jews and claims it has anything to do with Christ doesn’t make them a real christian anymore than cops who beat people and steal their drugs are real Officers of the Law. They fight *against the law and Jew haters fight against Christ.

    Anyway, just look at this otto comment above. Typical paranoid uneducated degenerate spewing out confused, made up, knowledge as truth. The greatest Greek thinker was Aristotle and not only did he invent formal Logic–he used to show there must be One God–what the Jews were proclaiming all along–not many gods as his brilliant rational(your words) countrymen believed. Where do you get your historical information?–a clown hat? Do you just make up a convoluted alternate history to satisfy your pathological bias? All of modern science was perpetuated by Christians and Jews.

    Magic? Magic is thinking the Universe popped out nothing and designed itself. A course in Logic 101, The History of Science, and of the World are mandatory for you Otto. A little less internet forum education too.

  39. a secret permalink
    December 4, 2013 3:03 am

    Interesting article.
    Don’t Jewish people (asking in a general way) get bored of themselves? I am of half Irish descent (other half French/Swedish/English). The Irish were presecuted by the English for 900 years or more, but I am not obessed with my ancestry nor avenging that history w uber success and over-shadowing others’ culture. Jews: be successful, be fascinated with pursuing your interests but quit using the media to rub it everyone else’s face. Let’s face it, most people don’t really pay too much attention to other people, yet Jewish people (generally speaking) seem to be desperate for attention. Being extremely self-conscious is not attractive….All humans are programmed for survival, almost all tribes have been persecuted at one time or another.

    If you want to look at a successful group, check out the Scandanavian countries. They live in the bitter, dark cold yet have flourishing, peaceful and egalitarian societies. You don’t hear about them too much (except the recent Norwegian chess world champion – how threatening) and I have a hunch they want to keep it that way….take a chill pill and refrain from pissing people off with your “chosen people” nonsense and all others are “unclean.” I bet there are a ton of smelly French Jews. ha ha.

    Yeah right. That’s just bizarro talk. IMHO. 😉

  40. Karl permalink
    January 13, 2014 1:51 am

    Well if there is no Jewish conspiracy why can’t we gentiles talk about it? (Anti-Semitism in the United States: Henry Ford Invents a Jewish Conspiracy) There would have had to have been something to make this happen in the first place! If Jews can mock every other religion why can’t we mock theirs? Why aren’t Jews letting us speak out about these conspiracies? Because they want to control and manipulate the world. It’s in the Talmud or whatever it’s called that they want to suppress the gentile from exposing the truth of Jewish lies. Jews are crazy, jews are evil! And they must be stopped before no race, black, yellow, white no longer exists. They are not the only race that has suffered you know? Race? Oh I didn’t think Jews were a race. At least that’s what they tell us, right? The jews are controlling the world and are manipulating it!!! Oh and I’m sure there will be people on here saying that I’m anti-Semitic and crazy. But that’s just it that’s the problem that’s my point! Jews want you to think that!!! Jews are liars, cheats and manipulators of the highest extent of the human condition. They have no soul they have no morals they are the epitome of evil! Go on say I’m crazy, say I’m a loon, say I’m an idiot. But deep down you must have always felt that there is something wrong with the world. That it’s not quite right. See the movie They Live! This is not an advertisement or a promotion. It’s a recommendation. See it and then find out the real the truth that Jews are in change of the banks, media, entertainment industry the universities, the medicine and health industries and anything else that they can get their filthy dirty hands on! 2014 is going to be a bad year for the gentiles (jews said so themselves) But hopefully we will realise this before it’s too late otherwise they’ll be no race left! I mean have you ever wondered why nearly almost every country in the world hates Jews. Nearly every county has kicked the Jews out? They must be up to something the Jews they must be doing something wrong! Why can’t we say anything against the Jews but they can say everything and anything against gentiles and other races?!? Makes you think doesn’t it? They’re only a small percentage of Jews why do they have all the power? Why do we have to abide by their rules?!?
    I’m not saying get rid of the Jews… No… Just make the world fair and proportionate for both Jews and Gentiles to live side by side. For example in Hollywood almost 98% of the actors are Jewish. Well instead make 50% Jews and 50% Gentiles or… even divided it up 25% Jews 25% Gentiles 25% Other races 25% Gay? So before you get all defensive on me and attack me just go on line do study and do research and ask yourself one question… Are Jews fair to other races? Just think about it. 🙂

  41. pegasus permalink
    January 25, 2014 2:50 am

    why don’t the jews pay back all the money they swindle from germany, no wonder they’re superior, they get so much money from germany to pay for the best education for their own children. it’s all about money with jews, just swindlers is all they are.

  42. Carlos permalink
    February 9, 2014 2:09 am

    Jews will always end up persecuted because they choose to live among non-jews, or are unable to create their own country. Their drive to succeed brings them to positions of political influenc but being different in beliefs and practices they create distance and mistrust, just like jews feel distance and mistrust of non jews. under the right conditions the distance and mistrust will turn into antisemitism.

    non-jews also know they do not need the jews because history shows all the greatest achievements of humans are by non jews and tha even the greatest contributions of jews have been always made within cultures, systems, ideas, etc. developed by non jews.

    non jews also know the alphabet, numbers, agriculture, all sciences, philosophy, literature, theater, sculpture, movies, architecture and on and on were not developed by jews.

    the bible and the jewish god has been found attractive by many non jews but the popularity. of an idea, like the popularity of anything does not correlate with soundness. in fact the bewish-christian magical god makes it impossible for humans to develop anything new because tha god “has” all the answers. why think about human nature or the origin of the universe and anything else in between if god already has provided all the answers ant all humans have to do is follow the book and believe. no wonder the ancient israelites were just a hill tribe compared to the achievements of the ancient greeks in all fields. the greeks believed in the power of reason, of the human mind, to figure out human nature and the universe and anything in between. the greeks were able to even push the gods down and to the sides.

    unfsortunately fom the masses the magical bewish god proved more comforting and this is why western europe fell into the dark ages. one only has to visit israel and observe and listen to orthodox jews to inmediately realize that such thinking can not produce any advancement.

    in fact was only when europe reconnected with the ancient greeks in the renaissance and rejected large chunks of christian thought that forward movement was possible again and that is why the west and the rest of the world through it have lept forward. unfortunaly the change was not in full as we can see by the. jews and christians still around us. sooner or later the full renaissance will prevail and even the masses, jewish and non jewish will abando god as a demeaning and dehumanizing idea.

    like the ancient greeks did, at least those we admire, there is only one way forward for homans and that is to apply reason to understand the world and figure out what is right by ourselves without the need to resort to magical gods (religion) or the magical denial of god (marxism) (both jewish ideas, both seductive and both wrong)

  43. Lre permalink
    March 14, 2014 11:27 pm

    I’m neither a goy or a gou first of .

    Gou’s preach collective guilt for the goys but not for themselves and ….

  44. Iakovos Alhadeff permalink
    April 10, 2014 5:23 pm

    The neo-nazi Golden Dawn party and why the Greek left does not confront them

  45. Morty permalink
    June 12, 2014 8:51 pm

    OMG, Rick Bryan, if that is your real name, I can’t even bring myself to think it might actually be something else, like Cohen, Goldwater etc etc. that’s never happened before, cough cough and if it is that’s ok. I just want bring to light a few facts, (or opinions if im being monitored) that I feel are missing here. By the way I agree in many ways with D up above…very well written. I want to first say I do not dislike anyone until I have had a personal bad experience which might lead to such disdain. That being said Im also not a kiss ass little bitch boy like…uh…Rickie poo…however that’s what your looking for here, right? Discussion?

    1. Gentiles are called GOY (cattle), not as smart or meaningful as a jew. Good gosh, we all have our assholes in every group that think that way about some others. Its just human nature, its no excuse but Im certainly not going to jump to the conclusion the whole group feels that way. We Goy’s have many many of them!
    2. Jews have been very successful, especially as of late (as in the last century or so), in business, politics, media etc. They are a tight nit group that have been taught from birth not to turn the other cheek, greed is fine, tricking somebody else to get ahead is quite alright in fact its celebrated. They have taught their children to get off their ass and be educated in order to become monetarily substantial in the world. Don’t interbreed with others as it will effect the genes you have been given up to this point but in defense they kind of had to. Almost all of these doctrines are shunned by Christians…turn the other cheek, help thy neighbor, a rich man will go to hell. Bla bla bla. Do not forget however that a small family by name of Bauer started bartering with the elite in Europe and soon would own half the worlds wealth. The Kings and Queens of Europe all lavishly celebrated their wealth while stupidly doing business with the Rothschild’s (Bauers). (ooops, I hope that doesn’t qualify as hate speech). In turn they have given back and made it much more available to their own to go to college, get education, be successful and maybe own a few governments, universities etc. Which in turn help their own also. Brilliant philosophy any way you look at it. Speaking as a minority it is so much easier to confuse a majority of people than if you were the true majority. Im a gay man and trust me my people are doing the same today. Whether or not I agree with some of it, it is hard to deny that you can barely say anything about a minority group (the newest trend, gay) without some sort of heavy retribution. You majority allow this to happen. Shame on you. Except the fact we have been hated, killed and beaten for years. Don’t be mad at us…we come from you, our genes are carried by you. Please don’t for a second think we chose this lifestyle. Logic is so thrown out the door with that idea. WOW!
    3. Sorry but this is just the way it is from the heavens, zeus, god or whomever. Gentiles are much more physically pleasing than jews…hands down! More symmetrical faces and muscular beautiful bodies that are admired by all. Our muscle tone, facial features, multiple hair and eye colors stand out in the entire world. You cheeseburger eating fat Americans are letting the team down…diet or get off your ass and exercise. We got that from NOBODY else than ourselves getting our asses kicked in cold climates and perhaps a few animal attacks. We are physically stronger and yet still very intelligent. Fully capable of creating and sustaining beautiful civilizations with art, math, music, architecture. We might not have as many academia awards but come on my jewish buds…I know you’re laughing right now saying, “our people pick them”. Don’t be shy! A good example is Hollywood, most of the beautiful jews have either been mixed with a gentile or had plastic surgery and that’s just the way it is. That might be very unsettling knowing that if your chosen by god it certainly wasn’t in the looks and body department. To add insult to injury we live longer on average, and I know that’s explained by the radicals as, we’re here to serve longer but bullocks…I just say its because we exercise. That’s all.

    Just want to finish by saying. This was written for the most part to mock so many stereotypes we have about each other. I truly do love every human unless given a reason that I decide may change that. Don’t always believe what you hear. Look at every possible view point, no one side is ever right! If we were all attacked by aliens tomorrow we wouldn’t care about any of these silly attributes, we would come together and use the strengths of ALL of us to kick ass. So look at your neighbor tomorrow and say. “You might be weird to me but I love ya!”

  46. June 14, 2014 12:19 am

    I am an ethnic jew and a religious christian.One of my ancestors on my mother’s side,was named “cohen”.. Since our Lord, Jesus Christ, is a jew and some of His followers are also jews, and all christians are spiritual jews, ie, adopted children of God, the anti-semite has to put in lots of overtime to get all his hating done. It may be worthy to note that when the Messiah chose to come to our planet in human form, He chose to be a jew. The New Testament is clear that Heaven awaits only those who trust, love and obey Jesus Christ. Jn.8.24; 14.15; Heb.5.9.NB: The greek at Jn.14.15 says, “if you love Me you will keep My commandments.”Can one be antisemitic and still love a semitic Savior? All men can choose whether to do good or to do evil. There is no ethnic group devoid of that ability. Jesus daid that few will be saved, ergo many will be damned. Those who practice Judaism cannot be saved as Jesus said He is the only wat to the Father, Jn.14.6.So, loving all men, our ethnic brethren included, we would persuade them to live according to the New T and be assured of a happy eternity.estament

  47. Monty Ehrich permalink
    June 21, 2014 12:43 am

    If you’re “middle-of-the-road,” don’t you get hit by both directions of traffic?

  48. Viktor permalink
    January 19, 2015 9:03 pm

    Jews are too stupid at too many things for me (or themselves) to consider jews smarter.
    just a few thoughts.
    the greeks coetanean to the ancient jews were faremore intelligent, smarter and more developed than the jews in all areas of human achievement.
    Just look:
    philosophy (the use of reason to understand the world and humans), instead of believing in a magical god with all the answers and no need to try toeunderstand anything. the greeks cut the gods down to size.
    unfortunately the masses found, like jews do, the jewis magical god too tempting (no needeto think) and the roman emperor decided to adopt christianity, a copy of judaism.
    math, geometry, sculpture, painting, architecture, theater, astronomy, medicine, music, acceptance of the human nature, including the body (instead of the shame of the body judaism carries within), democracy, literature, poetry, academic institutions instead of limiting all valid intellectual life to praying and trying to understand what god “told” moses in moun sinai or whatever the prophets wrote.
    christianity basically prohibited the descendants of greeks and romans from thinking until the non jews of florence reconnected with ancient greek thought and started to push the jewish-christian god back. that god has been in retreat since galileo and copernicus decidedeto think again like the greeks using reason. the job is not fully done yet but is not far the god gently dies its ethernal death.
    Jews never in their history created a civilisation, all the accomplisments of jews historically happened within the intellectual structures and physical means created by other civilizations. there would be no einstein without germany, there would be no bob dylan without the us and on and on.
    even whatever israel has of a modern country it owes to to ashkenazi (german jews) by the way, germany with no jews and 90 million people packed in land smaller than california and no natural resources other than water has managed to set up a society with far better quality of life, health care, all sort of public works, free university, education, more vacation and workyear of 1400 hours for the 1700 (8 weeks).

    so jews are not so smart as never in their history have created a model society for otherssto look up to.

    furthermore, germans have no need to emigrate to israel (even if they were allowedeto) while israelis do emigrate to germany, what a humiliation to have to earnea living among the descendants of those who murdered millions of jews and couldedo it again if they become fed up with the jews.

    If jews are so smart howcome their way of making a living always requires them to live among people who do not like them and practically always end up puttin them in ghettoes, expelling or murdering them.
    if jews were smart they would have set up their own stable, safe and prosperous country long ago, a true light to the nations like the italy of the renaissance was and now are others in europe, partioularly in the north.

    If jews were smart they woul not bank the survival of israel on support by the west putting themelves again at the mercy of non jews. ancient israelis lost their country whenethe the romans got fed up withe the jews and now they will lose it when the new romans, the us, gett fed up with israel and the us jewish lobby.

    If jews were smart they would have developed a way of life tha does not trigger the evil antissemites over and over and forever.

    If jews were so smart. they would not have their terrible history at the mercy of others.

    If jews were smarter they would have sparked the renaissance, the industral age and on and on.

    Jews are high achievers because they are driven to succeed and also as outsiders they can look at some things in better ways buteaslo as outsiders they do not really understand the host society to really improve it.

    If jews were so smart they would have notecome up with communism, an evil greater than nazism. to believe that communism can work as sort of promised landeis nuts.

    If jews were smart they would know the next big wave of antisemitism will hoappen in the us, the early tremors are all over the place yet the jews are in denial, somehow they seem to believe the holocaust , hollywood movies, books and holocaust memorials protect them. on the contrary, they accelerate antisemitism. there are alsready some 45 million hard core antisemites in the us, you alredy saw the words of many during the occupy wall street protests.

    So, overall jews ar not smarter, it is obvious.

    Well, i could go on. the day we do away with christianitys and fully reconnect with ancient greek thought antisemitism will largely dissappear because one of causes of antisemitism is the silly idea christianity (or islam) can be “truer” than the judaism that gave birth to both.

  49. Robert permalink
    February 18, 2015 2:04 am

    Those people are not Jews this is proven Biblical. Also the DNA, is not Hebrew the so called African American or negro are the true Jews again this is proven with the bible and by DNA they are the synagog of satan they stole our history they are japhetic they are European they hate christ and they gave the world a false doctrine they are German and the German people killed them in there so called holocaust. Then the enslaved the true Jews or African American people they killed us they are homosexual and they are pedophiles the suck their newborn baby boys penis after they are circumcised these people are not the Most High chosen people the jig is up We know who we are.

    • mplo permalink
      February 26, 2015 9:29 pm

      That’s a lot of bunk, Robert. Most African-Americans are Christians, and not Jewish. Get your facts straight before you post. Thanks.

  50. Viktor permalink
    May 12, 2015 12:53 pm

    It is a no brainer; massive antisemitism is coming to the US big way, jus like it has everywhere Jews have any influence. Perhaps it is because antisemites are evil but it does not matter, it is an evil Jews seem totally unable to erradicate or overcome. It is obvious any society can, and normally will, turn on the Jews.

    Obviously Jews have some sort of intellicences yet they ar lacking in many other importan ones.

    For example, the intelligence to create their own country by themselves. Right now Israel will last two minutes once the US drops its support. It certainlysis not intelligent to create a country whose existance relies on peoples whose ancestors hav solid antisemitic records. Right now the ADL estimates there are some 45 million solid antisemitic Americans. Who knows how many softecore and indifferent to the fate of Jews.

    It is also obvious the activity of anti Jewish posing in some cases as anti Israel or anti AIPAC forces is on a steady rise, like the progressively louder rumbles of the dormant volcano.

    Jews are starting to get scared, that is why more and more of them are trying to show they do not support Israel. Unfortunately they are no more protected than Adelson and the other hiper pro Israel Jews.

    If all US, European, etc., Jews rallied behind Israel it would only acgelerate antisemitism growth because the main reason for antisemitism now alredy is “the Jews control everything”. Unfortunatey, 3% of the population, no matter how much money and crafty they are, can not forever control the other 97%, once the 97% decide to put an end to it.

    If Jews believe that somehow the Holocaust and the memorials, movies and so will protect them I tell them they are wrong because the Holocaust relies on guilt and shame of non Jews (well deserved) unfortunately guilte and shame are “emotional nitroglycerine”, very unstable and capable of detonationeat any moment. Like nitroglygerine, guilt and shame do not not need external oxygen to go off, they have all the ingredients within. The shamed, the people who feel guilty quickly can turn on those who remind them of their guilt.

    But no matter how evident this is to me, most Jews in the US, Europe seem genetically or culturally programmed to see the facts.

    I mean, I read right now French Jews are moving to the, of all places! the US. Precisely the place where Antisemitism is gathering strength precisely because it is the place with more Jews and more powerful (but not powrful enough), instead of moving to Israel. Although Israel also hangs from the thread of its nuclear weapons; only a deterrent until the Arabs get their WMD, nuclear or otherwise.

    The hard truth: Jews can only be safe if they are so few so as not to have any significant political, social, cultural and economic influence as a group in whatever country they are or, if such country is so weak, so small, so parrochial that is already controlled by its own minority aristocratic elite wher the masses decide nothing and are not interested in nothing as long as the weather is mild and they have food. For example, Panama.

  51. Anonymous permalink
    January 9, 2016 8:15 pm

    You sound like a jew loving nigger.
    I bet those jews really love you, youre a little jew pet and they throw you a bone, we all eat their crums. The more you kiss their ass the more crums you get… for your info, jews are NOT smarter! They simply have leverage! They bitch about a few years of persecution. I have news for them. There are those of us who have been discriminated and persecuted for centuries and still are being persecuted and descriminated. Labeled and stereotyped. they’re the ones living the life of luxury and still have the nerve to complain

  52. permalink
    January 11, 2016 6:01 pm

    One of my Jewish friends pointed out that, for centuries, the Jews have taken the smartest kid in the village, made him a rabbi, and married him to the prettiest girl. “And what did you gentiles do? You took your smartest boy, made him a priest, and made him take a vow of celibacy.”

    There’s a group who has taken the American Dream, and run with it. Does that disprove the Dream, or validate it? One of the things that bothers me about American Exceptionalism is that it seems to be some sort of racism in egalitarian clothing. America is a set of ideas, not a genetic lineage. Whoever understands the ideas and uses them, wins.

    One thing I wonder about is Jewish paranoia, which might explain some of their overachievement: if (as the stereotypes suggest) they’re more neurotic than the rest of us, maybe it has to do with a few millennia of persecution. Before Hitler, many German Jews considered themselves loyal Germans, and were hard-working, enthusiastic supporters of their country.

    Now they come here, everything looks good… for now. But there are anti-Semitic jokes here, a few skinheads over there, and the Beltway is filled with fundamentalists who love you only because they’re hoping you’ll precipitate Armageddon.

    Hell, I’d worry too.

    I think one of the things we can use here is a little humor. When Groucho Marx moved to Hollywood, his daughter was denied admission to a posh country club/swimming pool, because she was Jewish.

    He wrote them a letter, pointing out that she was only half-Jewish. So he asked them if she could get in the pool just up to her waist.

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