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Another Militant Moderate Publishes a Manifesto

October 14, 2010

Writing for The Daily Beast, Mark McKinnon has outlined a 12-point plan of attack that can serve as a makeshift manifesto for the great neglected middle. It’s a fairly long article, but well worth your time. Here’s to the day when the right and left won’t be dismissing the middle of the road as a place for “yellow stripes and dead armadillos.” Read it here, and feel free to discuss…

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  1. kgarshwiler permalink
    October 15, 2010 8:41 am

    There are many more points to a Centrist than this author has stated in his article. Considering myself a radical Centrist I take his points seriously, except one. A Flat Tax is a progressive tax. It penalizes you on income. Who wants to work to the best of their ability and then be penalized? Why would anyone want to excel in income with a penalty attached? I am guessing only those (Progressives) who have the dream that the “worker” will find a place in their own heart to accept that the taxation of income is to help others via “forced pickpocketing”.

    There is one point and that is the people created the Government and they should still have say on what is fair. “Fair” is defined as “just, open-minded, justifiable, rational, impartial” So the question is “What taxation will work where the people decide what they pay in taxes? “The Fair Tax”. It creates saving vs. taxation thru spending. It frees up corporate taxes (or as I call it “indirect taxation on people’s spending”), thus allowing businesses to grow without taxation. It puts the government into responsible spending because money is limited by the people’s spending habits. Which means the people control the politicians not the other way around. This because if the politicians don’t focus the limited spending on serious issues first…the politicians will feel the wrath of not doing the necessary jobs. Broke families will get “all” the money they can get in their paychecks and certain foods, clothing, and shelters will be tax free of purchasing. This allows families/individuals to grow at an even larger pace should a person wish to move out of poverty than continue in poverty with government payments via “stealing” thru someone’s hard work. Which was the foundation ideas behind the start of this country.

  2. June 20, 2013 3:10 am

    Politics is a rotten egg if broken it stinks.

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