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Why Moderates Matter

August 29, 2009

Every so often, especially during those dismal days when the traffic on The New Moderate dips into the low double digits, I begin to wonder why I’ve taken on this peculiar challenge. I’m not making a living from it. I probably won’t be called upon to speak before the assembled graduates of reputable universities or even pass the time as a televised talking head. So why do I do it?

Here’s why. The American left and right, bless ’em, seem to have gone certifiably mad. Their collected ravings, especially since Obama took the throne, would scare the breeches off our Founding Fathers. The right is terrified, paranoid, armed and dangerous. The left, already smug and obnoxious in victory, has been busy denouncing contrarian views as “hate speech.”  They seem to feel a righteous, overwhelming need to cleanse the nation of incorrect opinions.

It alarms me that the political dialogue in our republic is currently being manufactured not merely by extremists but by maniacs. Two crazy opinions in opposition don’t necessarily cancel each other out; in fact, they seem to be intensifying the craziness on the other side.

Somebody needs to speak up when the crazies step over the line — not to silence them, but to overwhelm them with common sense. Somebody needs to hold them accountable and help balance the boat.

Who are those intrepid souls? Who would risk the ire and ridicule of both opposing camps? The MODERATES, of course.

America needs us. I hope you plan to stay and help us fight a valiant fight.

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