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Extremist Folly of the Week #3: Nothing!

August 17, 2009

It seemed like a good idea at the time: to expose the stench emanating from both wings of that great flightless turkey known as American politics. Weekly revelations of extremist follies! What fun for us diehard moderates!

Well, I’ve reconsidered.

America has already overheated itself to the point of mayhem during this summer of our discontent. Hysterical town-hall conservatives and triumphalist lefties are postively boiling with mutual hatred and threatening to bring each other down. I don’t want to contribute to our civil discord in so obvious and polarizing a manner. When we’re this close to cultural civil war, we don’t need any more “ratcheting up” of rhetoric, to use Obama’s felicitous phrase.

Instead, I’ll go about my usual business here: posting on current issues that drive me past my “Speak up NOW!” threshold. The worst thing a moderate can do in these (or any) times is to keep silent. Believe me, I’ll speak up!

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